I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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17 September 2011


Low in the sky
the moon has lost
the top of her perfect circle.

Close by
is the only visible star.

Two streetlights
as if in reflection
sparkle, half hidden by trees.

Most of the houses are dark;
only two windows lit.

Despite their peaceful beauty,
I am a little uneasy
viewing these paired lights.

The still air seems expectant
with the certainty of change.

I write a haiku sequence
and realise I don’t even know
what is haiku any more.

I’ve moved into
a different space.

Quietly, without notice,
I am changed after all these nights
attending to the moon.

Reality and dream
evaporate. There is only poem.

Journalling my relationship with the moon:  19

Submitted for Poets United's Poetry Pantry #136


  1. Really enjoyed this... love the transformation.

  2. "attending to the moon"

    The phrase is one of subservience, yet in that mistress-maid relationship, a transformation magically occurs. Lovely thought!

    Toothless Fadista

    1. Thanks for the astute comment. I was meaning it more as 'paying attention to' in the sense of observation. However, I believe your interpretation was there to be found also.

  3. I like all the changing after being attentive to the moon ~

    Lovely reflection ~

  4. Beautiful and intimate words...I enjoyed this.

  5. Enjoyed reading this. Beautiful play with words.

  6. I love the way you have chronicled change here, Rosemary. The way writing (and life?) has evolved to there being 'only poem.'

  7. There is only poem and Rosemary, another pair of lights.

  8. I was enthralled from your first description of the moon. I believe that we never lose our fascination with the night sky and our relationship to it.

  9. WOWZERS! One of my favorites of yours, Rosemary. "I am changed after all these nights attending to the moon" and "There is only poem." Fantastic writing, kiddo.

  10. I love the unexpectedness of this transformation--beautifully done!

  11. Ahh, this has depth and breath! It shows a beautiful transformation....and in the end....there is only, (always!) poem.

    This reminds me so much of Saigyo! His musings, reflections on the moon stirred some of the deepest passions in my reading.

    Yours, totally original....does also to me.

    Lady Nyo

  12. To me, the transformation of such a vibrant setting to "ah, it's only a poem, no lights here" was incredibly clever. Original piece, wonderful write.

    1. Thanks Jack, glad you enjoyed it. But I have to say that I meant quite the opposite of 'it's only a poem'! Interesting interpretation, but I'm rejecting it. :)

  13. Thank you to everyone for the kind comments. As you see, it's not a new piece, but I thought it had merit. I'm glad you all agree.

  14. beautiful Rosemary...there is a loneliness here and a sense of finding peace as well.

  15. Rosemary, this has an evolutionary quality about it. Love the paired lights... Then, "I've moved into a different space," after writing quite literally about "space" in terms of moon and stars, I quite liked that. Lovely. Amy

  16. oooh this was very nice - really enjoyed it :-)


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