I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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30 July 2017

An Ironic Little Tale

How hard he strives to make her proud — 
chasing worldly success and money,
proclaiming his triumphs aloud.
If it wasn't sad it might be funny.
When he was young, he was a honey —
idealistic, kind and giving.
She was proud then of her sweet sonny.
Now she deplores his way of living.

Written for A Glance at Narrative at 'imaginary garden with real toads'. (And I wanted to try the huitain form.)

24 July 2017

July Nights: Sequence

July nights
darkness brings a chill
I’m alone

I huddle
into my jacket
deny cold

turn on light 
and warmth to cancel

five years ago, still
I shiver

(It's winter in Australia – and time for my 'anniversary reaction'.)

21 July 2017

The Misunderstanding

I said into her mind, ‘Today you can
come with me if you wish.’ I only meant
she could attach her mind to mine and see
and hear and feel and do alongside: scan
my own experiences and share. I sent,
I thought, that message. Sadly, she
received it literally, stood by the door
as if with whiskers spruced, bag packed, intent
and ready, proud to come along with me
on business. Had to tell her, ‘Sorry – you’re
Cat, see.’

Written for the curtal sonnet challenge at Poetic Asides.

8 July 2017

A Vain Pursuit

I search in facebook and my email box
in a vague play of eyes and finger-tips
for something – anything – I don’t know what.

Except I do. I want to smash the locks
that death instals so deftly: kiss the lips
of those I loved, as if alive. They’re not.

And friends I used to talk to when online
have nothing new to tell me now; their quips
and loving wisdom stilled, while bodies rot.
Likewise, they don’t absorb one word of mine,
though I pine.

Written for the curtal sonnet challenge at Poetic Asides
Also linking to Poets United's Poetry Pantry #371

7 July 2017

The Light Seems Holy

The light seems wholly blue when I look out
from my front door, discovering the day:
a day of starkly brilliant winter sun.
The dark blue mountain range right opposite, 
the vast and shining blue of morning sky,
pervade the street below. 'Thou art the one!'
I sing to Life (for God is Life, we're told).
On such a day, my soul must dance and fly
in sheer delight, pure joy that I was born.
This moment is the whole. This truth I hold:
all's one.

Written for a form challenge at Poetic Asides

3 July 2017

On Not Going Home Again

Across remembered waters, bay and sea,
the island lies that I will not forget,
the one I know I'll never see again.

The mountains and the rivers nurtured me.
In memory the crashing waves repeat
their rhythmic play on ancient cliffs of stone.

Old forests grow unhindered, thick and tall,
fed well by rich dark soil, by gentle rain –
in memory. In fact they've since been cut,
the lakes and streams polluted, air made foul.

All gone.

Written for a form challenge at Poetic Asides

In Difficulties

I wrote a curtal sonnet but it stank.
I needed all of 14 lines to say
the whole of what I had in mind; present

a thesis that would float before it sank –
in fact not sink at all but stretch and play,
its movements elegant and confident.

Instead, alas, it doesn’t wave but drown.
Without room to manoeuvre, there’s no way
to save it – what I meant as eloquent
is chopped abruptly, three lines short, shut down

Written for a form challenge at Poetic Asides


He's asking us to write a 'curtal sonnet'.
I told him once before, the word's 'curtail'
(as in truncation, lopping off) but he

persisting with his error – set upon it –
will judge our efforts. I don't want to fail.
I'd better just shut up and let it be.

They call me grammar Nazi; spelling too.
I like precision to the nth detail.
And Hopkins said 'curtail', so why not me? ...

Oh, never mind the name – just write one, do!
(Or three.)

Written for a form challenge at Poetic Asides.

(Adopting a bit of a persona for this one. I don't REALLY think I'd be failed for cheekily correcting a spelling mistake.  And actually, it turns out he's right, I'm wrong! I have now ascertained that 'curtal' is a variant of 'curtail', and is indeed the word used to describe this form.)