I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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31 May 2011

Music falls: Tanka for May 2011

music falls
into the emptiness
the silence
my wind chimes moving
softly in the almost still


feel like death
not dying, sneezing
not drowning)
and you in hospital



the bed is full
he breathes beside me
I feel balanced
the weight of him there
restored, secures me


the one bloom
on my autumn rose
heavy with fullness
petals beginning to curl

and tiny white clouds
a sky
deceptively light
ahead of the rain

these mirrors
tell me I’m growing old
and still
happiness fills me
with dancing light


only two red leaves
among thick dark green
on the poinsettia
but I thought it was dead
at the end of summer


our green autumn
was good for the plants
now winter
beginning tomorrow
comes in with flowers


Fallen petals: May haiku 2011

In Spring She fills
earth’s cup with violets,


you away
sounds of you absent
though I listen


while I’m ill
my fine strong basil bush
dies of cold


pale sunset
mountains turning indigo
in the last light

in childhood in old age
by mountains

let me sing you
safely through the land
old land

let me sing you
through the mountains
dark is falling

darkness gathers
the old mountains
stand their ground


in spring-like warmth
my rose blooms again
every autumn


the silent people
watch from around the edges
of memory


Double Take

One Nation (Palin) —
Aussies share a private joke:
Sarah/Pauline. Twins.



What’s in a name?
Palin/Pauline, One Nation
in conformity.


still no word
from my young friend
in chemo


fallen petals
the rose still blooms
on the ground


11 May 2011

Written in Irritation

He left the group
he said
to deepen his study,
to understand
‘a poet’s mindset’.

We poets
just go on writing,
our unset minds
all over the place.

2 May 2011

My Judge

I wish I could tell you everything
about that past you seek to understand,
that childhood which you keep on questioning.

You say you seek resolution at last
of your mysterious, difficult past.

My recollection’s less obscure or dire.
When I say that, you yell at me: ‘Liar!’

I can only tell you what I recall.
When you insist I’m being underhand,
I wonder — why bother asking at all?

Day 29 - The person that you want tell everything to, but too afraid to

The Psychic

Many have changed my life.
You are the latest.
Messenger of the Universe,
with simple words
you reconnected me to my Spirit.
I knew at once you spoke truth.

With a hug that touched my heart,
and with your smile,
you blessed me.
I saw a sweet reflection in your eyes,
and I was thankful.
Thank you.

Day 28 - Someone that changed your life

1 May 2011

Late night: April haiku 2011

late night
in our quiet street
loud yelling


pink evening
the sun fades gently
good night


I step
into my garden


from the world’s quarrels
I retreat to my garden
and read Neruda


Good Friday
buns in the oven
breakfast in bed


Good Friday
sweat in my eyes
hot and cross


the writers’ group
met and talked
about writing


wild rain
darkens the night
coming home


Samhain night
otherworld coming close
watching Dr Who



At Samhain

(Admonition to myself)

As the veil thins
between the worlds
notice you’ve spent the month
honouring the dead,
recent or old.

Take a moment now to reflect
on what was said today
by a healer: Spirit
isn’t finished with you yet
on this plane.

You’ve been wanting
to take things more quietly,
you’ve been feeling
tired and old. But it’s only
those 2012 changes coming.

Instead of this draining,
that zingy young you
that you’ve been and are.
You’ve got more to teach.

And as the veil thins,
say hail and farewell
to your dear dead, then
with your hands on your heart

Day 30 - Your reflection in the mirror
Days 28 and 29 still to be caught up with)