I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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7 February 2017

NaHaiWriMo week 1

Haiku and senryu. Each day a new prompt. I'm going for one-liners. I think these are only trying (and failing) to be one-line haiku / senryu but maybe they are poetry. Or possibly aphorisms.

Feb 1 Haiku

heatwave I compose haiku indoors

lapsed haiku-habit doldrums then NaHaiWriMo

Feb 2. Is (but don’t use the word)

living alone existence in the click of a keyboard

my dead husband waves at me memories

widowhood he walks ahead of me down the passage

Feb 3. A

ugly Aunty Amy favourite great-aunt to tribe

spinster Aunty Katy all her siblings’ children hers 

gentle Aunty Ella mother of my roughest cousins

afterwards we smoked in bed forbidden pleasures

‘after all’ we excuse ourselves after the damage done

after all anguish again arriving at acceptance

‘Eh’ – awkward aggressive accusatory or apathetic?

Feb 4 Hand

morning heat builds slowly her hand reaches for the fan

lethargic heat her wrinkled hand clutching the fan

fading light her hand at the door waving

Feb 5 Beckoning

summer evening she beckons from the shadows

he turns his face her beckoning hand

hot day the curl of the waves beckoning

Feb 6 A door

a door shuts – opens days later on dead spider

‘I adore you,’ he says – eyes wandering

Feb 7. Half

worse than a worm in the stew half a worm
(not original, old joke, couldn’t resist)

chocolate hard from the fridge can't cut you half what a pity

summer night half-heard music through an unknown window

waking in early half light already the heat

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Also linking to Poets United's Poetry Pantry #342


  1. These are splendissimo!
    I adore you he says - eyes wandering.
    And at the same time he is saying it.
    We must have dated the same guy
    Surely they cant all be such bastards:)
    It is soooo hot .This heatwave must end soon. From the weather map we are doing it much worse in the NW slopes and plains
    I am sitting in my garden writing this looking at the moon...2am...beautiful breeze Lucky to have outside lighting. Tin roofs are lovely but they trap the heat and the house never really cools down.
    I would sleep out here except I dont want the joe blakes visiting me:) Nite !

    1. Thank you!

      And yes, I do note on the weather map that you are doing it MUCH worse!

      (I've known my share of bastards, but this one was fictional.)

  2. Such well thought out poems, Rosemary.A nice set. I especially like the February 2 poem....the dead husband waving, his walking down the hall ahead. Poignant. My second favorite is "Hand" and the way the poem progressed from reaching for the fan, clutching the fan, and...waving!

    1. I'm glad you like them, Mary. They are all meant to be separate one-line poems, but because of the prompts any one day will likely have a theme or two (such as thoughts of one Aunty sparking memories of others). I even think of going back later and trying to make longer poems out of these fragments.

  3. summer evening she beckons from the shadows..especially like this one!

  4. Such an interesting form !!! Love the beckoning part the most!!

  5. Whata treat they all are Rosemary. I hope you enjoyed writing them as much as this reader had in laughing at them.

  6. Such glorious haiku sets, Rosemary!❤️ Especially touched by; "living alone existence in the click of a keyboard, my dead husband waves at me memories widowhood he walks ahead of me down the passage."

  7. Love how a thought expands in haiku...Feb.2 is my favorite. Wonderful set...Seems you're having an Indian summer..

    1. We are at the tail end of what has been a fiercely hot summer.

  8. We had a brief reprieve from the cold here and it made me long for summer days. Ah, but the cold has returned today a reminder that winter is not yet ready to exit the door. Lovely set to read this morning. Have you changed your blog? The red rose is so beautiful!

    1. Yes, I decided a redecoration was long overdue. I photograph roses a lot, and I'm thrilled with how well this one turned out.

  9. Wow! These are meaty bites, Rosemary. I especially love Feb 6.

  10. Happy Summer Rosemary I enjoyed your one-liners

    Much love...

  11. These are intriguing, particularly in terms of their structure.
    Experimental and witty. :-)

  12. It's so interesting trying to write one-line haiku... I have not tried too many times (it's more often American Sentences)... Love the Feb 2 entries.. they stay so much in the same thought

    1. I have found them very difficult. After this month, I don't know if I'll try them again! I find American sentences easier.

  13. Each of these lines is wonderful. Some brought a pang, many a smile. Loved very single one. Especially the half a worm, lol.

  14. Love the sight of her beckoning from the shadows...

  15. This is a fascinating poetic approach - and one I have not yet tried, though I'm intrigued to go there, having seen the little gems you've unearthed, Rosemary. All of them: a delight - the "family ones" (husband and aunties) hit the ball out of ball park, for me. Smiles.

    1. I was inspired to try this form by reading Haiku Notebook 2nd ed, by W. F. Owen, which I very much enjoyed reading.

  16. The widowhood one-liner is powerful, oh, so powerful--and, if I may say so, somewhat filled with hope.

  17. All of them rendered alive through well thought of one-liners! Wonderful take Rosemary!


  18. These are wonderful Rosemary--each of them singing in its own way---and I loved the emotional depth and breadth

  19. "living alone existence in the click of a keyboard" I think I wrote that one, Rosemary! Lol! They were excellent one liners..much better than one word! Hugs!

  20. Ambitious! That's so cool you pulled it off. I think I liked this one the best:widowhood he walks ahead of me down the passage

  21. I've been thinking a lot about death lately, so perhaps that is why the widowhood one hit me particularly profoundly....that image of him walking ahead down the passage. Wow, so stunningly evocative in the emotions it evokes.