I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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21 February 2017

NaHaiWriMo week 3

 More attempts at one-line haiku and senryu written to NaHaiWriMo prompts 

Feb 15 Returning to

the further from it I get the more I return to my past

returning to the old house it appears smaller

returning to the place after long absence home is gone

I return in memory yesterday becomes today

I return to poetry always my first love

Feb. 16 Nature (something you can see right now)

among tall eucalypts dream-catcher workshop

frangipani in her hair / timber walking-stick

hilltop – leaves against the circle of sky

magpie picking at the grass red roses

miniature roses taller than planned

staghorn on bare trunk one chopped branch

Feb. 17 Moon

moonlight and ocean a girl walking in a blue dress

full moon above only one streetlight

full moon behind cloud leaks light around edges

who needs dreams? full moon in my window

keeping pace with our car harvest moon rolls long horizon

Feb. 18 Nature (experienced in another season)

winter street swirling leaves in dusty gutters

birds crowd my veranda rail spring rains

rain sets in – bedraggled birds shriek at my cat

my spring lawn – clover dandelion ibis feathers

garden after rain flourishing green weeds

autumn dusk dogs and children play in the street

early autumn more weeks between lawn-mowings

Feb. 19 Cherry blossom

old love letters falling cherry blossom

heat wave I remember cherry blossom

blossom-fall a change in the weather

white cherry blossoms I recall the tang of red juice

pale cherry blossom far away

throngs of blossoming cherries crowding cameras

cherry blossom hide the photo

Feb. 20 Nature (unique and seasonal to where I live)

late summer frangipani blooms thinning

later and later the cool breeze of evening

sunny early morning crisp mountain edges

midday the hot town empties

Feb. 21 Falling

walking with you frangipani flowers falling on grass

a falling feather lands in my path I remember you

falling together in laughter soft mattress

rising and falling we breathe in rhythm

your last heavy breath silence falling

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Also linking to Poets United's Poetry Pantry #344

Feb 21 #2 was published in JUMBLE BOX, a selection of haiku written for the 2017 NaHaiWriMo.


  1. Thank you for these poems: enjoyable at many levels :)

  2. Gorgeous imagery throughout, my friend, a delight to read and envision.

  3. These are so lovely. I enjoyed them all over again.

  4. I really like the 'returning' series, Rosemary. And the cherry blossom series. I feel as if you used a magnifying glass to give us a closer look at a number of things. Nicely penned - all!

  5. My favorites--the ones that all together feel like new poems are those of Clouds, of Cherry Blossoms, and, especially, of Falling. And "Returning to" felt like a Deja Vu to my writing today--"What to Hold and What to Let Go."

  6. Please forgive me, Rosemary, but such formal style of poetry is generally avoiding by me, as it brings back bad memories, around how I was taught poetry, in school. I do like your Returning Home" as the best one, of this collection that you're sharing, today.

    1. No problem. The way poetry is taught in school is usually pretty rotten! I appreciate that you read and commented anyway. I do play with form, from time to time. Please feel free to leave them unread in future, if you'd rather. I won't be offended.

    2. With my learning disabilities, I have trouble transferring my mental thoughts, to paper, whether it will be, by typing, or by ink/pencil. Also, having them, follow in order that makes sense, to the reader, like going from point A, point C, to point E, to point B. Makes essay writing, a whole new level of fun, not! Please tell me, if I have left any words, in my lines of verse, as I see them, there, when they're not.

    3. I had no idea you had any learning difficulties! They certainly don't show in your poems, which always seem to me very clearly and powerfully expressed.

  7. I love them all but there are a few that stands out.. the frangipini in her hair and the old love letters spoke most to me,

  8. Lovely lines..especially liked returning to the old house it appears smaller...

  9. From your nature series, this is my favourite
    "among tall eucalypts dream-catcher workshop"

    it also triggers nice memories for me

    Happy Sunday

    much love...

  10. beautiful word pictures & love "I return to poetry always my first love"...

  11. How beautiful all these poetic notes are. All of us should try writing in this way.

  12. My goodness this is an absolute treat Rosemary!!❤️

  13. Old love letters falling cherry blossom is just perfect.

  14. Delightful Rosemary - your juxtapositions are keenly felt and well chosen... As many have sais already, a joy to read today... Thankyou

  15. I enjoyed the Cherry Blossoms and Returning to parts. They spoke a lot to me, maybe I am in Japan and I currently returned to being jobless. Haha. Thanks for these series Rosemary.

  16. Notes taken...from Life Class. Each one beautiful!

  17. Each is a lesson in drawing "word pictures". I enjoyed them all.

  18. Delightful to read. Poetry is my first love too. :)

  19. Oh, I can completely see, feel and HEAR this scene: "rain sets in – bedraggled birds shriek at my cat"--you've set it so vividly!

  20. These are all delightful. I like the glimpses of your poetic heart.

  21. Loved these! "the further from it I get the more I return to my past" - brilliant and indelible.

  22. Really like all of these Rosemary, but that last one caught my breath. Thank you,


  23. Amazing you can come up with numerous variations on each particular word, Rosemary! Great!


  24. "among tall eucalypts dream-catcher workshop
    frangipani in her hair"

    Oh my. That is gorgeous.

    Love this as well:

    "bedraggled birds shriek at my cat
    my spring lawn – clover dandelion ibis feathers"

  25. Those miniature roses got out of hand, eh? :)

    1. So I was told. I wasn't the grower. They still looked pretty to me, and small, but so unfamiliar I didn't recognise them as roses and asked what flowers they were.

  26. What a wonderful collection! I enjoyed it very much, Rosemary!