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10 February 2017

Tipsy Turvey

It was a rum do,
the way it all turned sour.
He thought it would be a tonic
to chaser round the desk
and finally tie one on her
straight up, or even
land her on her back
in a sudden tumbler -
but she damn well would twist,
proof against all the shots
he thought he was calling. 

It was such a spritzer
to imagine her 
thoroughly hammered.
'Wet your whistle,'
he thought to leer,
and her being stirred
by the dirty insinuation.

But it was his last call.
'Drown your sorrows,' she taunted 
before departing smartly,
leaving him severely shaken.
In her absinthe he obeys,
dejectedly gurgling the whiskey,
not even wondering what she meant 
by, 'Name your poison!'

Another one for dVerse Muse Mixology, using words from the following alcoholic list in a non-alcoholic way. (I'm happy to find out I wasn't restricted to 33 words after all.) But I missed the deadline so I'm sharing it at Open Link Night #189 instead.

shaken           stirred          rum          sour          whiskey        last call
elixir        on the rocks      straight up        twist        round         chaser
back        dirty          proof         tumbler           three sheets to the wind
tie one on         shots         hammered       tipsy           hair of the dog
absinthe          vesper        tonic          kamikaze         spritzer
tie one on       liquid courage       name your poison       drown your sorrows
wet your whistle


  1. Very, very clever - who'd have thought it possible to bring in so many mixology terms into a poem? And on such a sensitive topic, too - handled with great wit and aplomb!

  2. Wooo hoooo!!! This is amazing :D

  3. Nice ending with getting poisoned by the whiskey he uses to drown his sorrows when she left.

  4. Fabulously entertaining...awaiting the sequel ;)

  5. These boots are meant for walking... every poem has to have a song.

  6. Wonderful execution and expression of the challenge. Great ending

  7. Too bad he got the bad end of the deal ~ Good one on the prompt Rosemary ~

  8. a story line to develop, it seems ~

  9. I love that dark twist at the end!