I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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14 February 2017

NaHaiWriMo week 2

A prompt a day. I'm doing one-liners.

Feb 8 Open

door opened after the heat – fine invisible rain

not open-minded so much as blank no haiku

stinking hot neighbour swears through open window

Feb 9 A mirror

I hold the mirror to the light - all flash no image

when that car in the next lane vanishes from your mirrors

Feb 10 Wiped

saw him off with a kiss closed the door wiped her mouth

wiped the mirror – her mother still stared back

Feb 11 Clean

clean desk – sign of an empty mind?

cleans the wall – fingerprints scrabbling to get into Mexico

dead spider – no insects in this clean house

rain-cleaned air – humidity restores sticky skin

Feb 12 It (use the word but don't say what ‘it’ is)

it rises we gasp perspire seek cold water

momentary breeze it falls white to the grass

is it a bird is it a plane, no it's ... too high to tell

Feb 13 Is (use this specific word in your poem, but try to be wary of introducing too much judgment into the poem)

weeks of over 40C global warming is

Goddess Isis is (not terrorISt)

February 14 A way (of)

small bright feather blows towards me away

finding a way into my closed yard – water dragon

cat under table a way of controlling thunder

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  1. You were really inspired here, Rosemary. I smiled at the clean desk being possibly a sign of an empty mind...ha! And also found myself nodding about wiping the mirror, but still the mother stared back. I like your short works very much.

    1. Need I add, if that's right about the clean desk, I am in no danger! LOL

  2. For me, it's the hands scrabbling to get into Mexico, except I would alter to say, to get into Canada/Mexico. And yes, I have laugh at the clean desk, as I have used a variation of that myself. Totally organized chaos girl, here. :)

    1. I take your point, but I was trying to be ironic, given that the threatened wall is supposedly to keep people from getting IN.

  3. momentary breeze it falls white to the grass... my favourite among some wonderful lines..

  4. Oh this is lovely!❤️ Especially like; "small bright feather blows towards me away finding a way into my closed yard – water dragon cat under table a way of controlling thunder."❤️

  5. Beautiful experimental poetry. Just why is Australia so much hotter this year, because even I have had enough?

  6. I love the spare hit of each visceral image ...

  7. Each one a gem, Rosemary! Loved them.

  8. I'm absolutely loving this one-liners, Rosemary. My favorites are the second one on the 12th and the last on the 13th. The first because the imagery is breathtaking, and the other because it's so very timely.

  9. What fun! And quite insightful. I see mom in the mirror, too, and there's the desk thing--no danger here. Such "a way" with words and innuendos!

  10. Love them all, but most the wiping of the mirror staring back... (for me it's my father coming back again)

  11. I had a good giggle at "wiped the mirror – her mother still stared back". No amount of wiping erases the contours provided my DNA.

  12. I like reading your haiku, Rosemary. Little pictures into your world.

  13. There is something profound in these one-liners---Brevity at its best!

  14. Love the strength of your imagery,


  15. These are wonderful little 'bursts'. "wiped the mirror – her mother still stared back" certainly resonated with me ... a sight that I have a very complicated reaction to. lol.

  16. I especially like Feb 9 and 10! Gorgeous rose header photo, too~

  17. Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it is too high to tell...that made me smile.

  18. Great one-liners. They are more challenging as they are more restrictive than other free verse types!



  19. The cat under the table has great power!