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17 May 2015

My Chimes

My mellow wind chimes were a gift
from one of my Reiki students
twenty years ago. Her husband
made them for me at her request.
(They were young then, and happy.)

The chimes are beautifully balanced.
They sing with a golden voice.
They are dark green metal and wood.
They have come with me to every house
I've lived in since they were given.

On dark nights or stormy days
their notes have sounded comfort,
continuity. They sang me to sleep
like a mother her baby, or woke me
sweeter than church or temple bells.

My love and I heard them together,
the music of our days; sometimes
a tinkling background, blending
with the bells on our cats' collars;
sometimes deep and slow and sonorous.

It was after he died — on a wild night,
a sudden clang alarmed me, and a thud.
In the morning I found my chimes
blown halfway down the drive, torn off
by a gust, the old rope frayed right through.

I don't know where the original maker
is now. A friend examined them, fixed them,
and they sound themselves again — symbol
of renewal. I hear them in my deep nights
and through my solitary days: tolling, 'I am!'

Written in response to the Weekend Mini Challenge — Connect the Chimes at 'imaginary garden with real toads'. Also submitted for Poetry Pantry#252 at Poets United.


  1. This is such a beautiful response to the prompt :D absolute perfection..!
    Lots of love

  2. This is a beautiful tale, Rosemary! How wonderful to have had someone make such melodic wind chimes for you. I definitely can understand how their sound could be comforting. I am glad that you found someone who was able to repair your beautiful chimes again! I like that they are a symbol of renewal!

  3. I love to hear the chimes. What a lovely thing for someone to do - a wonderful, thoughtful gift.

  4. A very sweet prompt that gives one a sense of the music of those chimes and their comfort--and how wonderful that an long-owned object can serve as a companion of sorts--something like this is especially suited as it reflects natures moods and listens back to yours. Thanks, Rosemary, for participating in the prompt and with such a lovely poem. k.

  5. What a beautiful and emotive poem...It's so inspiring that your student's gift was /is so much more important than what she probably ever imagined they would be. You spoke to both themes so eloquently.

  6. I have chimes very like yours, such a deep mellow tone.......I adore them. I am glad someone was able to fix them for you, and LOVE that they toll "I am!" Yay!

  7. I love their story. I love how they laughed, and then how they died. Such empathy in action! And resurrection is the best ending of all.

  8. love how they are reborn and chime for the speaker and soothe....and also how you paint the storm both inner and the outer world...

  9. Luv the magic of these chimes. Seems the are sweeter reborn

    Thanks for dropping in to read mine

    Much love...

  10. I am glad those chimes are of help to you, Rosemary. You wrote your tale very nicely, tempting to live it.
    The bells can be sooo very pretty sounding, especially when the wind is blowing lightly. We had some but left them in SOME box when we moved here, 16 years ago.

    1. Perhaps you could replace them, Jim? :-D

  11. Wind chimes are wonderful, and if they have been made for you, it makes all the difference. I'm glad you could have them repaired...

  12. Story is really interseting and the way they were blown kind of scray!

  13. What a beautiful history of the chimes and as I read I could imagine their music so clearly.

  14. A lovely narration... some objects do become extremely important parts of our lives.

  15. Wonderful story about fate, at least for me. The sound of chimes are very therapeutic so I usually feel safe in evey weather.

    Have a good week ahead Rosemary..

  16. Isn't it strange how we often only notice the things that have been consistent and soothing when the rope snaps...i love how you have written your story with the gentle tolling of those chimes throughout..long may they soothe and ring

  17. Things grow into their place in our lives, become beloved for the spaces they have filled, the memories they bring. The chimes here ring sweetly.

  18. I love the sounds of chimes on a windy day and your poem really made me hear their notes, as well as the love you have for their sound. Really wonderful imagery.

  19. I see, I hear, I enter your experience through the gift of your words.

  20. It is amazing how accustomed one may become to the persistent sound of wind chimes - the silence is deafening when they cease.

  21. I have always enjoyed the music of wind chimes. I am so glad yours were able to be repaired. Thank you for sharing your story.

  22. One gets so sentimental when sounds of fine 'musical chimes' feel the air. You did well to have them repaired. The joy of the sounds can never be duplicated as it is particular to bamboo! Wonderful lines Rosemary!


  23. What a beautifully told story here. I love the sound of wind chimes.

  24. i find the sound of chimes magical, as is your poem. poignant with the inclusion of lost love.

  25. The sounds of music that give us peace and solace...I have chimes like this that I gave to my husband for a gift....they are part of us much like yours....a touching beautiful read

  26. A great response to the prompt...and I love the symbolism of renewal here!

  27. Just loved this, Rosemary!!ah, such memorial wind chimes can actually remind us of the beloved people that were once in our Lives. ..the concluding lines made me sad..
    So beautifully penned....

  28. A wonderful poem filled with memories.

  29. lovely poem.
    ah, to be awakened by those chimes..:)

  30. Those chimes are a perfect symbol of survival and renewal, despite incredible hardship.

  31. I like the symbol of re-newal ...Mercury retrograde , key word "re-"....smiles ...it's nice to stop, re-think, re-valuate, and feel blessed "I am" ! Gratitude :)xx

  32. now wasn't that a lovely-sad-triumphant poem/story? I loved loved loved it from beginning to end. It flows and it goes and it shows perfection. hooray to your skillful storytelling in poetry talent. a definite hire I'd say!!! ;)