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29 May 2015

Chubby Checker and Me and the First Husband

On YouTube
his bright face
still radiates delight.
And so it should:
the young face
caught in 1961

calling us all
to join him
in the dance —
as we did
all that summer,
again and again.

But my face
in the mirror,
that grew old.
No longer do
knees and ankles
swing and oscillate

as they did
that last summer.
Round and round
my memories go
again. And again,
back 50 years.

Tell me how
you loved me
so — and now
so long ago.
I know that
dance is past.

Oh dancing man,
oh gambling man,
I twisted away
to go again
far and far
away from summer

from your silver
cups and medals,
all those bands,
those Saturday nights.
All the twistings
of my life.

Where did you
go? I know
you're not alive.
Ghosts and memories ...
one more time 
let's twist again!

Click here for Chubby Checker singing Let's Twist Again

At 'imaginary garden with real toads' we are invited to have a party of one — to groove enthusiastically to our favourite dance number, then write whatever comes to mind afterwards.


  1. Oh! This line hit me in the gut: "I twisted away"
    This is a great piece.

  2. There is a bitter sweet nostalgia to the piece that could not have been replicated unless it was lived.

  3. I loved the nostalgia in this poem :D
    It's always a delight to relive the past and rejoice in its memories! A fabulous piece! :D

    Lots of love,

  4. Oh, you raise me up! Again and again.

  5. one more time
    let's twist again!.......... Oh, yes.

  6. You took me right back there - how we danced! How we dreamed! and now we're "far and far away from summer." So beautifully evocative, my friend.

  7. Oh 1961.. that's when I was born.. what a glorious memory of those years past.. Already the title invites nostalgia (and I danced to it 20 years later... )

  8. There's a palpable longing to this...beautifully written, Rosemary.

  9. A lovely nostalgic poem. Enjoyed this a lot.

  10. I really enjoyed you take on the challenge. True, this is a bittersweet poem, and it is done very well. Thanks for posting to the out of standard.

    1. I didn't try to reproduce his rhythm, but the three words per line sort of alludes to it and seems to work.

  11. "I know that dance is past" says so very much. Wow. What a powerful poem.

  12. Love this, Rosemary! I had his Twist Party record. Really great... and I feel you in this piece. Wonderful!