I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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30 May 2015

Silver River: tanka, April – May 2015

The wind and I
dance out into the street
to play with leaves.
I wade through them, kick them up,
and the wind takes and swirls them.


I thought I found
one of your socks in my drawer,
grabbed it up to hug.
But it was one of mine —
I threw out all your clothes.


we must all die
only I didn’t want you
to leave sooner
than our elderly cats
and that grey tree in the yard


silver river
in afternoon sun
late autumn
I linger alone
watching the water


distant music
a tune I think I know
I strain to hear
the soft fall of notes
your face comes to mind


You are not
that very young man
long ago,
my incomparable lover.
Aged now, you look happy.



  1. I loved the sudden twists you brought about in some of these :-)

  2. Some very poignant tanka, Rosemary. The sock in the drawer tugged at my heartstrings. The happiness with oneself as one aged is something each of us would hope for oneself.

  3. I for one hope I outlive the cats.

  4. each one presents different emotion, playfulness, sadness, placidity, longing and touch us deeply...

  5. I love the subtle twists that the reader can read in these, sometimes sad and resentful or funny.

  6. Like notes in a diary to have these up and downs. The sock in the drawer tugged at my heart.

  7. This felt like passing various moments of time on the river..the second 'verse' particularly choked me up but as the journey continued i am glad at least there was some light and stillness in the water...a beautiful poem..

    1. I meant then as separate tanka — but if they work for you as one whole poem, I guess that's good too. (Smile.)

  8. memories and moments to cherish

  9. Socks are the repositories off all the good memories, i have found.

  10. Oh really lovely tanka... wonderful!

  11. Each one depicts such beautiful emotions.. a vivid collection..! :D

    Lots of love,

  12. Only to show living together can have their ups and downs. But it all the more makes life more interesting. Rightly so Rosemary!


  13. You hold a lot in a few words. Excellent.

  14. great inspiring work! I would like to try this style.

  15. I too found the poignancy of each separate one magnified in the whole, especially ending with such a comparison of old vs. young. With happiness.

  16. These are excellent Rosemary. I can sense a hint of sadness - not as a sad kind of sad, it's more than that. Perhaps a joyful kind of sad because of the appreciation of life? Tanka 1 and tanka 3 are so powerful. Thanks for reminding me again how powerful short poems can be :)

  17. It is fun to join in that energy of nature, kicking up those leaves and letting the wind take them in dance. Music has just such a power as well, to bring back to mind those we once shared it with.

  18. So very beautifully poignant, Rosemary. I especially love you kicking up the leaves........you so totally rock!

  19. I really enjoyed these and though you wrote them as separate works some do weave a similar thread....very poignant!

  20. The one with the cats and the tree....wow....what a gut-wrenching emotional piece.....that and the sock. Ooomph.

  21. So nice. I enjoyed the diversity and beauty of thoughts here. Though somehow they come together - from the heart of the same person. Of course!

  22. I enjoyed all of these they worked well together or alone, but I must admit I like the sound of distant music. Music can take us to many places tucked away in our memories.

  23. Wonderful set. The feelings in these are so real.

  24. Loved the companionship with wind in first one, nice reflections in the rest tanka...this reflecting style, seems, become the ritual for me now...smiles

  25. absolute favourites - all of them! :)