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20 May 2015

At 2 a.m.

I have been in bed an hour.
I closed my book and turned the light out
thirty minutes ago.

The man next door can't sleep again.
He is playing his AC-DC collection
again, loud.

My cat comes crashing through
his swinging flap in the laundry door,
and yowls.

'Shut up,' I tell him (the cat
not the man next door). 'It's much
too early for breakfast.'

I toss and twitch, get up again
to pee, wonder if I'll ever settle ...
and wake at eight.

On my bed, a lump of dark
stirs, pricks its ears,

Written in response to dVerse Instapoetics prompt, and shared with Tuesday Platform for 19 May 2015 at 'imaginary garden with real toads'.


  1. I think that if you are awake at night the cat is the best of companies. Probably better than the AC/DC collection I think... :-) Maybe you should give your neighbor an Enya record.

    1. Ha ha ha, I'm not sure he'd go for that. But it's a great suggestion.

  2. The transition from a sleepless "Highway to Hell" AC/DC moment to morning grace is invisible here and perfect

  3. Hi Rosemary. It's four o'clock four me. Then four-thirty. I get up, have a cuppa decaf, either compose or play Solitare in bed. That one is so boring it puts me to sleep at six or so.
    Next I know it's eight and coffee is served

  4. Not bad if you managed to go back to sleep I guess!

  5. I wish that like my cat I could just flop down and go to sleep, you know. They dont understand why we have such a hard time I imagine. Ha.

  6. Neighbours like that can make life hell.Play Opera full volume...AC DC fans will move out:)

  7. I've had nights like this! That purrr in the morning makes up for everything else.

  8. luckily - I am that guy who falls asleep in minutes...

  9. As creatures of flesh & fury, we still need our down time to recharge our cortex, restart our organs. We simply must have sleep in order to remain peak in our function. Your last feline stanza is wonderful, a terrific capper. I wonder what it would be like to train our bodies, as some yogi do, to not need but a few hours sleep?

  10. Nice contrast of pet purr and AC/DC screech. Wonder if you slept.

  11. Love this, especially the cat. :)

  12. Oh this is so adorable :D I love cats!

  13. So simple and yet peaceful, just life... :)x

  14. Well, my dogs hear various things in the middle of the night and wake me up with their barks to inform me! So glad there is no one near who is playing AC-DC loudly!

  15. I'd feel like saying 'shut up' to the man next door if I could heard AC/DC at 2 am!

  16. Ah.. the purr of cats.. in Tai CHI rhythm.. can be
    the best sleep medicine.. of all of night..
    in all of dark.. of light of night..
    of day.. as well..
    in well of life..:)

  17. ugh... luckily I live next door to people who are like mice - quiet. lol

  18. Ah, nice! I like this poem, if not the situation. The music that's been ruined by neighbors, argh!
    Did you know that Angus Young just turned 60? And still running around in those short pants. :)

  19. those cats seem to sleep through anything

  20. love this close knit picture of a noisy night that ends in a peaceful slumber :)

  21. I love that you finally got to sleep. So often, I dont.......then waking up becomes the problem, LOL.

  22. I've had the cat's purring keep me awake...but I don't know what I would do without her.

  23. I got tired reading this one, Rosemary. Cats and dogs (in my case) love to sleep all day, and conspire to keep us awake at night!

  24. I love that "lump of dark" purring! Sounds like you managed to sleep after all! :-)

  25. Love, love, love the jump from complete annoyance to "awakening".

    *I twisted and turned as I read*