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10 June 2017

Card for the Day

I chose my Tarot card for the day
from a recommended site online,
glad to see it was the beautiful Empress.
But the accompanying reading
was bullshit. (Oops, my French – pardon me!)

Why reinterpret the card that way
when the meaning is perfectly fine
as it is: Earth Mother / Mother Earth / Goddess.
Maybe charlatans think they’re needing
to be different to earn their money?

I ignore the rot they had to say –
rot that diminishes the Divine
which the Empress card is designed to express.
I know what it really says, seeding
a way that I can be, and shall be.

A way for me more fully, this day,
to embody Divine Feminine:
filled with Her unconditional Love, no less,
Her nurture and compassion, leading
to oneness with nature, strong and free.

I’m glad to walk in Her grace today,
receiving the gift as wholly mine 
by which I am blessed, and by which I can bless
others I meet, who may be needing
to be loved, nurtured, allowed to be.

(Not the card I pulled. This is the Empress from my Tarot Muchas deck, shared here according to Fair Use.)

Inspired by a prompt in Words Count by Mama Zen at 'imaginary garden with real toads' – but this fails to conform to the 60-word limit for that one, because I decided to use it for the rimas dissolutas challenge at Poetic Asides instead.

(Then I did write one in 60 words, on a different card. It's here.)

Btw, did I mention that I'm a professional Tarot reader? Far from helping, it probably limits my flexibility with such a prompt, LOL.


  1. I was dying to see what you would do would this! It is a silly bullshit site, of course.

  2. There was something to it... This poem went from arousal to calm

    1. Oh yes, the real meaning of the card is apt. But the interpretation they gave at the site was nothing like that meaning, and just a lot of trivia moreover – kinda like the daily astrology readings in newspapers.

  3. One has to be careful, I think, of many things one can find online. One really has to be a discerning consumer. I definitely would trust your reading of a tarot card over an unknown site!

  4. I love your knowledge of Tarot....and of the Divine......love the poem, and that you walk in such serene grace.

  5. "Her nurture and compassion, leading / to oneness with nature, strong and free." Such lovely lines!

  6. I love your humour Rosemary

  7. Oh I adore the humour and spark of optimism in this one, Rosemary!!❤️

  8. Life becomes and wonderful thing, when we learn to interpret our truths out of the bullshit (Oops! It seems my French, too, is faulty).

    Love this.

  9. A poetic response and proof, as reading this alters the mood and depth of this reader.

  10. Well we can ignore their interpretations and let our guts interpret it anyway haha. I liked this, Rosemary

  11. You are rightfully indignant, Rosemary. I've no doubt you'll continue to bless others you meet with your wisdom and kindness.

  12. "I ignore the rot they had to say –
    rot that diminishes the Divine"--love these lines....they serve us well in many ways and situations!!

  13. I have ceased to understand the importance of the generic b-shit it says... I still think of myself as Aquarius though... the same would be true for the tarot.

  14. this was a joy to read. sometimes you just have to disagree with your card...or your horoscope. lol

  15. To accept a blessing and in turn bless others is truly beautiful

    Happy Sunday Rosemary

    much love...

  16. I like the fact that your poem teaches from within a well formed sense of truth and humor. Recognizing bullshit is a seemingly disappearing art in today's world of political money grabbers.


  17. I enjoyed the scrappy pique in this, as well as the humor and correct information. I think we SHOULD challenge a lot more of what appears on the internet - we SHOULD question. And when we are knowledgeable about a subject area, and know that something in wrong, we SHOULD call "foul". The close on this, is so lovely and dignified - the perfect counter to 'bull'.

  18. There's an art to receiving a gift, and passing it on, and the narrator seems to have mastered that art.

  19. How important it is to take anything we glean from the net with a grain of salt. There are of course more valuable sites but the interpretation of of Taro cards must depend on many things. However you were able to see the humour knowing that you would still walk your path.

  20. I love the combination of indignation and humor here. Well done.

  21. Yep, I like this, the subject matter and the way it flows.

  22. Love the card, love your reflection, and it's very powerful when card able to allow someone to be. I believe in uplifting people with Tarot. Good one.


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