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28 June 2017

Now You've Gone and Done It

For Rae

When he wished me Happy Birthday,
I emailed back: '75. So I'm having
a week at least of celebrations. How 
are you going?'  'Running to catch up 
to you,' he said. 'Panting.' (He was
two years younger than me.) But now, 
18 months later, he's gone and stopped.
How could you do that? Now you'll never
catch up! Or is it I, now, who'll always be 
trailing, unable to catch up with him?

Poet Rae Desmond Jones (1941-2017) and I knew each other slightly for many years, and were aware of each other's work, but only really became friends late in life, via the internet. In those recent years I came to treasure his humour, intellect and very sweet nature. I'll miss him!

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  1. :( May his soul rest in peace.
    Always hard when someone younger passes away first..

    1. Thank you.

      It was only by two years; what is hard is losing a dear friend.

  2. Bless us all. To be remembered as a treasured memory.

  3. Losing someone dear is so very hard. Learning to dael with can be harder still, keep writing, Rosemary. Love and light to you.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. He would have smiled at this I'm sure.

  5. Sometimes, we just catch up at different times.

  6. I am so sorry for your loss, Rosemary :(

  7. Oh Rosemary, how sad! Yes, now we are following in his footsteps. I am so sorry.

  8. Running to catch up to you! That's wonderful and I'm glad for your connection, and sorry for your loss. Keep sprinting, though, Rosemary! :)

  9. Very sad. He sounded like a real sweetie.Life is hard.

  10. Losing a close friend can be difficult, but hopefully the memories you shared will be everlasting. Wish you and his family great strength for today and always.

  11. No one is truly gone so long as they live on in our memories. I find losing my friends a difficult part of this phase of my life, so I identify with your words.

  12. Many thanks to everyone for the kind comments. I don't think it could be said that we were close friends – but good friends in poetry, with an easy rapport. If I'm this upset, those who were truly close must be shattered.

  13. Truly an openly enigmatic charmer, Rae was and is a treasure. I love what you wrote, Rosemary.