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9 June 2017

I Have Woken Up

I have woken up at half past three
on a winter night, but not too cold
with the heater on. Even the cat
has gone back again to the bed
we share, after joining me for a snack.
Sensible creature – unlike this poet fool
who thinks that wakefulness must mean, ‘Write!’

Why else I’d wake is a mystery.
We may need less sleep when growing old –
well, they tell us so – but surely that  
doesn’t mean three hours? My head
is busy with thoughts, long before the crack
of dawn, ye gods! Now I’m cold; this isn't cool.
Not even poetry makes it right.

Since I'm up, I thought, I'll just see what's going on over at Poetic Asides; it's been a while. Oh my, they're having a rimas dissolutas challenge! And it finishes on the 9th of June!

(17 July) Delighted to report that this one was placed in the top 10, in very good company. And you really should check out the brilliant winner. Details here.


  1. Thank you for this nocturnal beauty Rosemary. Insomniacs are cool; and even cooler in Tasmania ;)

  2. The hour of awakening for we of advancing years..........a wonderful poem........

  3. Good use of a mystery, But you are a positive person.

  4. Cats are, such wiser creatures, then we, mere mortal humans. Star, the youngest one, just sits down on my writing book, to remind me, it's bedtime, at 3 am, and she want her cuddly human, to snuggle up against.

    1. Ha, Selene comes to fetch me when she thinks it's past my bedtime (sometimes around 3am too!) and rubs against my chair or jumps up and bumps my thigh.


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