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12 June 2017

I Am Made of ...

the Old Gold Rum 'N' Raisin
chocolate I just had for breakfast
and the low-calorie high-fibre cereal
I have most other days,
and raisin toast and cocoa just before bed,
red wine and strong black coffee,
crayfish and curry and pasta and dhal
and spun-sugar, creamy Pavlova;

the wailing hillbilly songs of desperate men
that punctuated my homework when I was 12,
the rich tunes and stirring words
of Carmen Jones and Porgy and Bess 
(the movies) and dancing with my broom
as a young mum while Janis poured out 
Me and Bobby Mcgee, oh and Dylan and 
Cohen, and the blues, always the blues;

Alice in Wonderland, the Musketeers,
Sidney Carton, Jo and Beth, Five Children
and It, the Swallows and Amazons, 
The Little Mermaid, Ivanhoe, Charlie 
(is my darling) and also Good Queen Bess, 
and Hiawatha and Lochinvar, the goblin craving 
green glass beads, the nymph who refused, 
The Highwayman, and those in Flanders Fields ...

I am made of delights and dreams and treasures.

Written in response to a prompt of the same name at 'imaginary garden with real toads'. (It was supposed to be three stanzas only, but I had to have that extra line!)


  1. After reading what you are made of, I can't decide if I want to take a bite or read you. Probably both. This is yummy!

  2. Not sure about your ears, Rosemary, but I pretty well like every one of your music ingredients. We are what we eat. :)

    1. I swallowed the songs whole, and devoured the books.

  3. Sigh. You are, in short, a feast! Wonderfully rich!

  4. You are a gem of a person, Rosemary❤️ this poem is so exquisitely drawn❤️

  5. Food and song and dancing! That made me spin. I am made of Janis and Leonard and Dylan too. The list of food makes me want to kiss you.

  6. oh me...this is so good to read....absolutely loved!

  7. So much I can relate to in this poem, especially in the final stanza.. those books of our childhood make us who we are for life.

  8. You are indeed a treasure (of the best)

  9. Love the ingredients, makes a wonderful dish.

  10. Super sweet, and delectable too! Thanks k.

  11. ...I love the whole package!


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