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12 April 2017

In Defence of Weeds

(Make love not war)

Now the harsh sun
softens for Autumn,
the drenching rain 
becomes a trickle, a drizzle –

don’t begin a dirty war, 
don’t kill our thriving weeds!

They that grow
with hardy ease
are to cherish:
medicine plants.

Let them flourish! 
Let them nourish the bees.

Picture: Megan Stoyles, October 20, 1966. See this article in the Canberra Times for details. Photo used according to Fair Use principles. 

For Signs of the Times, Day 12 of April Poetry Month at 'imaginary garden with real toads' we are invited to let a protest sign inspire us to a non-political poem. This has always been my favourite – and the image was famous at the time.

This piece was simultaneously written for Quadrille #30 at dVerse: a 44-word poem containing the word 'drizzle'.


  1. Once a plant is labeled a "weed" is does seem like labeling it an "enemy".

  2. Yay for weeds - except Horsetail! Did a bit of research re medicinal quality and I'm gonna pick me some!
    Anna :o]

  3. Love! From plantain to mullein, I'm with you 100%.

  4. I might have to take this one and read it aloud, while standing in front of a patch of dandelions and staring at my weeding-happy neighbors.

  5. Love this, Rosemary, for BOTH prompts. :)

  6. I will march under this banner.. for both the flowers and the weeds.
    This has such a clever play on the flower child era with supporting slogans.

    1. I'm glad someone picked up on that, Kerry!

  7. Thank you for the hopeful words. It begins here...

  8. I really like where this prompt took you and how you defend the need for weeds. Thanks for posting to the out of standard!

  9. Although, I must say, we need more milkweed plants, to help support Monarch butterflies, as their caterpillars feed on this "weed", and sadly, their numbers are shrinking, with our war on weeds.

  10. Let them flourish!
    Let them nourish the bees.

    They serve a purpose!


  11. A weed champion in our midst! Heaven knows the weeds need a spokesperson, and you've done it eloquently.

  12. Yes it is amazing how many 'weeds' were once cherished food or medicine.

  13. I really like your ending Rosemary ~ Am all for flourishing weeds ~

  14. Yes, who are we to decide if something is a weed or not? I'm a dandelion lover! A purpose exists for all of nature's little wonders.

  15. *giggle* May the sweet love those weeds made in high summer yield a good amount of offspring to fly off in the fall and debut in spring.

  16. You know I never told you this before but you look like my X mother-in-law. We just get along better. Lol! Loved your poem. I am seeing so many bees this year in the spring flowers it does a body good.