I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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25 June 2017

Looking for Myself in 'Peanuts'


All I know is, I’m not Charlie Brown –
don’t play baseball, wouldn’t wear a cap.
I could be Lucy with her bossy frown;
I could be Linus clutching at his blanket.
All I know is, I’m not Charlie Brown.
I might be that romantic, star-crossed blonde
drooling for Linus, only briefly cast down
by rebuffs; or else dedicated-to-his-art Schroeder.
(I’d like to be grown-up Schroeder, with renown.)
Perhaps, writing up a storm, I’m smart Snoopy?
But if so, who would feed me? Charlie Brown?


I think I’ll be Schroeder,
living (w)hol(l)y for art,
soul-child of Beethoven,
oblivious / impervious to all else. Yes,
I think I’ll be Schroeder.
I don't really think I’m Snoopy,
master of the cliché – moreover

typewriters are old; I love my computer.
Of course he’d need a make-over
from muso to poet (I’m tone-deaf)
but, that sorted, I could be Schroeder.

At 'imaginary garden with real toads', we were invited to find ourselves in cartoon characters in the prompt: Fashion me your words to fold ~ ergo (in less than 100 words). The mention of 'fold' inspired me to use Gillena Cox's Fold form. And then I was moved to write a second one. Each, individually, is under 100 words, but I didn't want to post them separately when they so clearly belong together.


  1. What a great idea to find yourself in the characters... yes art would fit

    1. I thought that's what we were supposed to do. (Really, I could make them all fit in different ways. Maybe that's the real appeal of 'Peanuts'.)

  2. Aww.. but Snoopy is the coolest!

    1. Yes, he is, I agree. But I don't think I'm that cool.

  3. The sorting is all! And isn't it wonderful there are so many masks to try on. You know your 'Peanuts' mythology well.

  4. Ah the soul of the poet, pick up the light of artist in its bouncing reflecting light.
    Thanks for participating Rosemary

    Much love...

  5. I agree. I think Schroeder would be the one for me also.

  6. This was a fun approach to the prompt

  7. Both poems are whimsical and fun. I think I could be Schroeder too... and i probably am. :)

  8. Love your character descriptions and why they fit or don't. Yes, I think it was Schulz's gift to make archetypes we can all identify with. But Schroeder is much too focused for me. I'll stick with Snoopy. I'm not as cool as he is, but I aspire to his imagination.

    1. I'm disappointed no-one picked up on my 'writing up a storm' as a reference to his eternal opening: 'It was a dark and stormy night....'

  9. You and me, both tone deaf - but that is OK, Schroeder - is the greatest!