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21 April 2015

The Name of God

My friend who talks to God
says we’re going to have to stop
saying The Universe
when we mean God.

I’m not sure why,
but as far as I can gather,
God wants us to know and acknowledge
that it is him, God, who is
responsible for everything,
and who looks after us.

(My friend calls God Him,
and also calls him Almighty God.)

Well that’s all right,
but I call God Her —
although understanding She’s both.
And neither.
And more, a million times more.

And I like the idea
and the image
of a great, benevolent Universe
folding us round,
cradling us,
and hearing our every prayer.

As, indeed, God does. But why
can’t God be The Universe?
Isn’t S/He everything?
I think that includes The Universe.

I don’t know
what God is going to do
if people keep saying The Universe
when they really mean God.
What will he do to stop them?
Will he cancel free will?
Or punish them? (Surely
that would be excessive?)

You see, I have to think ‘him’
when I talk about a God
who would do all that.
I just don’t think my loving Mother would.

How will we know, anyway,
when the time has come to stop?
Will there be a big announcement?
Or will everyone get a mental flash
all at the same time, and just know?

I can believe
God is more than the Universe.
Science now tells us
this Universe is only one of many.
But this is the one I know,
which has always listened to me kindly
and always delivered.
When I say the Universe,
I think of the vastness,
the All-That-Is.
But I don’t want to say All-That-Is
every time I talk to God.

I don’t want to say
or Father-Mother-God
or anything like that,
which might be more accurate.
As a term of endearment, they all
feel too elaborate,
and kinda clumsy.

I usually say Mother
when I talk to God.
When I’m talking about God,
I often say the Goddess.
Or else, if I'm being ambiguous —
acknowledging God's ambiguity —
I might say the Deity.
Sometimes I even say God.
I admit, I often do say the Universe.

She doesn’t seem to mind.
She knows I mean Her
and I know that She knows.

At 'imaginary garden with real toads', prompt 21 for 'Poems in April' isn't specific: we can share a poem new or old. As I am writing a new poem every day this month, here is one I just finished.


  1. Super charming, rosemary! You present a rather benevolent universe and glad she has satisfied your prayers at times! Thanks. K.

  2. Well that’s all right,
    but I call God Her —
    although understanding She’s both.
    And neither.
    And more, a million times more........... So, glad this is the first thing I've read today. Love it.

  3. Love the all encompassing viewpoint you hold. So many people wear blinkers, and lose the 360° option.

  4. This is lovely.. You have really captured the essence of the subject beautifully :D

    I don’t know
    what God is going to do
    if people keep saying The Universe
    when they really mean God.
    What will he do to stop them?
    Will he cancel free will?

    God deems everyone equal.. He wont punish severely rather He is known to be forgiving and kind to all mankind. In the end we all must submit to Him :)
    Loved your poem..!
    Lots of love

  5. I think this works to stir up the fear of God we are often instilled with and so demonstrates your poi int. I once read a poem with a line that said, Hey Goddess, Can I call you God for short? I sometimes call God "Great Mystery."

    1. I like Great Mystery — and I love and adore that line you quote!

  6. I loved this. I think God knows of whom we speak. She is all knowing and is all, Mother Earth, the Universe and beyond. If we do it right, She is us and we are Her.

  7. Oh how I enjoyed reading this, Rosemary, with such a big smile of recognition and agreement. I feel EXACTLY the same way.

  8. I never get into discussions about the existence of God - each to his own belief, I say, so long as I am left to my unbelief.

    1. Oddly enough for a little ole Pagan, the utterances of atheists often make far more sense to me than things believers say.

  9. An interesting take on the essential mystery. The term "Universe," when it's used this way, seems to me to imply all of creation, but without the moral element that is inevitable when the term "God" is used. Of course others may not agree, either on the nature of God, or of morality, or how the two are related. A never ending source of discussion and contemplation. Very interesting and well done.
    Steve K.

    1. Yes, that is what I mean to imply in using the term.

  10. What an interesting theological approach. The universe with its vastness is both a challenge and a possibility here, just as gender. Maybe we just have to live with trying to understand the riddles of ou giant jigsaw puzzle.

  11. God, the universe, a higher power is more than our limited language can speak. I love the beauty and kindness you speak in this piece.

  12. I can tell that you have been ready to write this for a while but hadn't composed it yet. I am with you in thinking that God is bigger than the universe. And I don't think His real name if He has one, is God. Nobody knows, no one, alive for sure, has seen Him. I believe that God is a 'Him' only because by tradition and mythology have made the most powerful gods be male. But since He is so much more powerful and understanding than I am, or anyone else that I know, I have to revere Him and hold Him in awe. I have other beliefs too, because after a lot of study and a REAL vision I have to be. I have to be. But you should have heard me before that, it was scary even to Mrs. Jim.

    1. Very perceptive of you, Jim! I think it's been percolating away in the unconscious. When we were given a 'choose your own subject', there it was.

  13. Anything that powerful, made of so much dirt, fire, water and air... won't care about names, methinks. And if s/he does, then too bad... that would be way too sad.

    Love the progression of the poem.

  14. I fall in with Kerry, here, and note you treat the subject with gentleness ~

  15. nice arguable stance presented; that Universe calling is a later comer for me i see it i hear it i respected, however i was indoctrinated into a Father/Almighty God its really hard for me to break the habit, iam stuck with it the Him-God

    thanks for dropping in to read mine

    much love...

  16. Yes!!!!! Resounding, yes!! Every. Single. Word.

    " understanding She’s both.
    And neither.
    And more, a million times more."

    And that a He would be one that would punish for such things...is exactly why She was removed by so many he's so long ago...otherwise all that hell nonsense...well nonsense.

    Thank you, for this poem, Rosemary and for the Goddess that live in you! ♥