I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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2 August 2017

The Dreams We Don’t Remember

3.15 and the cold woke me.
I went stumbling out of bed
for hot water bottles, 
toasted raisin bread, and a nip
of Stones Green Ginger Wine.

I was crawling out of a cave,
I was blind and skinless, 
when the cold pierced
and rescued me
from all but that fragment.

What strange adventures
do we meet in the dark,
what selves unknown 
to our daylight hours
writhe and struggle?

Today in the Wisdom Circle
we who call ourselves Goddesses
pondered and wondered
about our past lives. Perhaps
we didn't go far enough back?

Perhaps we were, all of us, once
worms or insects, or grotesque 
sea things, deformities of the deep.
Do distant ancestors rise through time
to inhabit us while we sleep?

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  1. Wish we had more time together yesterday ... I have memories of being a whale <3 see you soon dear one x Tan

  2. A fine and fascinating poem Rosemary ... thank you for it :)

  3. I love a poem that spans from dreams to distant ancestors, and passes through the kitchen for raisin toast on its way! LOVE it!

  4. I love this! That second stanza especially ...

  5. Stones Green Ginger wine could be responsible for the deformities of the deep. Best stick with the hot cocoa:)

    1. At 3.15 am and freezing, who's got time to make cocoa? (Smile.) Besides, I had the dream before the 'nip'.

  6. All of a sudden I have a craving for Stones ginger wine! Yes, we all do go back a long way and no doubt drag a lot of those past times with us to create our unique character. Whata delight to read a poem that takes us down a strange pathway Rosemary.

  7. Wine and raisin bread at 3AM.. yes bring on those ancestors, I say!!! :)

  8. Loving this, Rosemary. I wrote a poem in a similar vein, coming out of a dream, to yours but it doesn't come to a formal end yet. I seldom end leaving my readers hanging.

  9. I think perhaps they do.. I love the atmosphere in this piece - and the nip of wine

  10. That's fantastic...may be they ...and may be we were wierd creatures...loved this... especially the opening lines!

  11. Well that could open a can of worms...old, ancient ones.I did giggle when you stopped for nibbles and booze on the way out of the cave.

  12. Yes! A nip of wine, raisin bread, and ancestors. I too have wondered about the being who inhabit us while we sleep. Excellent write.

  13. Well, this makes one wonder. (wonder what dream inspired this thought provoking poem)

  14. I love when dreams stay awhile in the morning to let me know them. Generally they scurry back into that void where they're safe.