I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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18 August 2013

Secret Love Letters

The writing of 'secret letters',  posted publicly to unnamed recipients, was a game on MySpace in 2007. All your friends then had to guess who was who, and particularly try to spot themselves. Being me, of course I did it in poetry, and made them love letters. The dVerse prompt today is for letter poems. I've written lots! But these from 2007 have not been shared here before. Some of those to whom they were addressed I knew only on MySpace, others in 'real life' as well. 

Secret Love Letters


To you, what can I say
that hasn't already been said?
All possible declarations have been made —
though sweet in the repetition.

This is the craziest love
or the sanest.
If there was lust, it would be
the ultimate in star-crossed.

Luckily for us,
we're otherwise inclined.
And so we love deliciously
mind to mind.

And yes, we love with passion –
of the soul, not the flesh.
Almost flirtatious, nearly romantic,
silly with happiness.

Only this you have not yet remarked:
you are the one
calling the tune.
And me? Darling, I'm dancing!


We've never met in person,
likely never shall,
and yet we touch.

I know you in your images.
I wonder if you know
how much they could only be yours.

You have a particular way
of combining colours, a fondness
for certain patterns and forms….

I know you in your words,
and know your countryside
and your own garden.

Like me, you dwell
in a place of rivers and leaves.
You show me its detail, its shape.

Your paintings evoke a child
falling in love with the earth,
which opens to her delight.

And your poems tell it all —
including the mother, the lover,
the she who's both tender and wise.

I enter your page on bare feet.
We walk your landscape together,
hug each other and smile.


You're growing up so fast,
my Child of Light —
whom I never address that way,
even inside our circle.

I may have mentioned my thought
that the Universe gave us each other
for its own inscrutable reasons.
If I did, you may have heard.

We talk about computers,
music, photography, clothes and food,
what sort of work you fancy
and which boys.

I watch who stalks your profile.
'Get your sleazy paws off,'
I snarl through cyberspace
silently, raising protection.

With home, too, a place of danger
from which you can't yet escape,
you have learnt to be subtle and strong.
It is enough for the moment.

Later, Child of Light,
I will tell you the mysteries
of an ancient star-born race
and a task to fulfil.


Then, I didn't know
you called yourself Moon Goddess.
Round as the moon,
you strode on stage;
your voice 'as big as Texas'
hit the furthest wall
of the long, corridor-style café.
Yelling defiance
or husky with grief,
your words pulled no punches.
I fell in love instantly.

On the footpath after the workshop,
where you'd settled for a fag
with a bunch of your mates
(I guess you'd say buddies?)
you looked up and excused yourself
from labouring to your feet for a hug.
'I'm a big girl,' you said, shrugging.
I bent right down and hugged you anyway.
Later I saw that we must have dislodged
one of my blood-red earrings
onto that dark pavement.

You refused a party invitation
and made yourself late for work
to come to the reading
on my last night in town.
It was quiet with a hint of rain,
the balmy Austin spring
beginning to fray at the edges.
I gave you my book. Your face lit.
When we kissed goodbye, your cheek
was the softest flesh ever felt.
This was a year ago, when you were still 22.


You are the one
who broke my heart,
departing suddenly
without a word
after we'd got so close.

I can still see your face,
its grave beauty
deceptively serene.
Your loving words were like
the touch of a gentle hand.

It wasn't just me.
We were all astounded,
the circle of friends who loved
your kind heart, and the wisdom
hard won, softly shared.

I rejoiced to find a sister
with a firm Christian faith
albeit I am a witch. How deep
we went for common ground,
trusting in Love, Peace and Truth.

Abruptly you were gone.
I know you knew
how much it would hurt.
When another friend went missing,
you were my comforter.

We made enquiries.
You were not ill,
nothing was wrong.
You simply chose to withdraw,
the messenger said.

You might even come back….
Just as well we didn't hold
our collective breath!
The trouble is,
I loved you.


  1. I enter your page on bare feet....there's a certain holiness to this... and think we can get to know each other well just by reading their poetry...i met some of the bloggers i read in real life and it was always really special... a moving write..

    1. I'm glad you noticed the holiness. Thank you.

      I think people reveal themselves in their poetry, and the sharing of it can be a recipe for intimacy.

  2. "you dwell in a place of rivers and leaves...." Such a sacred temple .... and the blood red earring dislodged onto the pavement...like spilt blood...a holy sacrifice impelled subconsciously. A very beautiful piece of intimate poetry.

  3. I enjoyed these sharings very much, Rosemary. In fact, they touched me deeply....as I do think there are many different kinds of love and to accept that and to be able to write 'love letters' to many people with whom one has developed a close relationship (even though one has never met) is a beautiful thing. I don't have a favorite. I loved the concept, and each of them moved me.

  4. Beautiful collections, a gem on each own ~ Its sad when friends withdraw from us after loving them ~

    Like Mary, I am moved by your words too ~

  5. ha. some very different love letters....i like the one where you are watching out for the girl and snarling at those who come near to keep her safe...there is a lot of heart in that...this def reflects several layers of love....very cool rosemary....

    1. Gay boy actually, Brian. Still in my life as surrogate grandson, but a young man now and finding his way.

  6. What a beautiful love letter...heartfelt and moving!

  7. such a beautiful selection. your words flow... effortlessly. thank you for sharing!

  8. these were all so good. I hardly know which one I like best so I had to read them all again.

  9. I especially like the 2nd one and the last one touched my heart. = )

  10. I enjoy the subtly shifting personae, each voice cousin to the rest, if not layered: longing, acceptance, even wry humor. Gorgeous.

  11. Fantastic offering Rosemary! My, one can be in love through eternity. There're so many that being flirtatious is a virtue. Thanks for sharing!


  12. Rosemary, these are MAGICAL. I loved each one. "we love deliciously, mind to mind", "I enter your page on bare feet", "I will tell you the mysteries of an ancient star born race", and the pain of one who withdrew - simply was gone. You have captured so well how deep these connections we make online become. Fantastic writing....simply lovely.

  13. ...ah, i can spend quite more time reading these love letters again and again.... just too cute & what fun... though sadly... the scent of a real love letter is far less genuine nowadays... sigh... i enjoyed your collection... thanks... smiles...

  14. I must say this moved me greatly.. the internet presences are moving and dynamic, we learn to know each other well, and especially in poetry the community feeling can be so strong. I have met very few in real life, but it's always a special feeling. Yes to some extent these are love relations. I love how you showed the progress of this in these letters moving through different aspects of this.

  15. Now - those are love letters, Rosemary. All the more exquisite because they were written to someone.

    And so we love deliciously
    mind to mind.

    That is so potent!

  16. How cool that you wrote these poems to the people in your life. They're all so unique, well thought out and personal.

  17. What a beautiful and inspiring read, this collection of love letters! Not to be compared, I think - they speak of different kinds of love, all of which are capable of healing, whole-ing us. D'you know, if I (instead of you) were responsible for PU's I Wish I'd Written This, this would be next pick.

  18. A wonderful collection. I was going to tell you my favourite...but, I couldn't choose..

  19. I love this! What a grand idea for a game. Great poetry.

  20. I am so immensely thrilled that you all liked these so much and were moved by them.

    I thought everyone wrote exceptionally well to this prompt.

  21. Each so individual, so telling, so beautifully written.