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29 November 2016

Why I Can't Write About Cooking

Well you see, 
I’m not much of a cook.
I have little patience:
can't do games of chess or recipes.

I’m not much of a cook
except when it comes to the simple –
omelettes, fried mushrooms, grilled fish….

I have little patience
for weighing and mixing and waiting
for the oven to work its measured magic.

Can't do games of chess, or recipes.
The ingredients – rare spices, self-control –
are far too exotic for me; I don’t stock them.

The current Mini-Challenge at 'imaginary garden with real toads' is Cooking Up a Storm. This is not the luscious, foody poem requested! I call myself a 'non-cook'. But it was another opportunity to practise the trimeric, as I am doing this month. (I am breaking rules all over the place. We were asked to write a poem of four tercets, and in a trimeric the first verse has one line more – but it comes very close, so I hope I can get away with it.) PS I know how to play chess, but I always want to play it like Chinese Checkers.


  1. I am not much of a cook. My daughters love it and are really talented. The apple bounced away from the tree with them. :)

  2. I'm with you, simple is best.


  3. You might not be much of a cook, but your poetry is delicious. I love it when a poem full of truth makes me smile.

    1. P.S. I can't stand measuring things. I'm an eye-baller when it comes to cooking. Hence I always have so much trouble sharing my recipes... I don't really have any.

    2. My Aunty Ev was a good cook. She never measured, just guessed – she thought that was a sign you had really learned how to cook!

  4. I can't cook with recipes... but I can cook with pationece and experiment... taste and improve

  5. You (or your poet) cooks better than I do. My art talent reaches only to the Stickman stage, my cooking to the hot dog, egg dishes, or soup. But I once failed a college Minerology course because of chess. He said he would have passed me if I had better lab attendance. Instead I would be across the street during his afternoon classes at the drug store fountain area playing chess. I was good, I often won matches with the Lincoln, Nebraska, city chess champion.

    1. I have the greatest admiration for the superior brains of people who can play chess well!

  6. p.s. I really enjoyed this poem, regardless of form problems. I'd rate it "Mission Accomplished."
    BTW my country school learned writing speech vocabulary is also limited to four and five letter words. I do know way bigger words but most aren't on my tongue tip.

  7. Ha, I love this response to the prompt. Wish I had thought of it, as had no inspiration in that direction.

  8. This took me back to the kitchen with my daughter.
    She's a chef now