I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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10 June 2016

Every Morning

My new cat is unusually polite: she waits for me to wake up. When I do, she runs to the kitchen. If I don't follow fast enough, she runs back to get me. 'I'm so happy,' she says in body language; 'Now we have breakfast!' After she has eaten, she plays with one of her soft toys, batting and chasing it all over the house. I sit down with my coffee and cereal, and pick up my magic stone. It is one of the special stones I collect, with remarkable colours or markings or shapes, that I find on roadside or seashore. This one, I have inscribed with a sigil. I hold the stone high in my right hand and intone the mantra I created to empower my writing, the mantra which the sigil represents. I am telling the universe my desire for my poetry: that it be healing, that it be read. I eat my cereal fast. I sip my coffee slow. 

on the path 
I kick up a stone

Written for Haibun Monday #15 at dVerse: All Things Quotidian. We were asked to write about the everyday. What is everyday for me might not be so for all others!


  1. I adore this poem! "...that it be healing, that it be read....." and so it is. For a time, I found heart-shaped rocks everywhere, especially on the path to the place of healing that was the residential treatment centre I worked in...........I havent found a heart-shaped rocks now in twenty years. Sigh. But I keep my eye peeled for them just the same.

  2. Such special stones may have the karmic power one desires. Can never tell but it'll reveal itself eventually! Perhaps Rosemary!



  3. This is a delight, Rosemary. I daresay you are the only person I've heard of whose cat (or dog) is that polite!

  4. I do love the thought of eating the cereal fast and sip the coffee slow... your cat sounds like a lovely companion.

  5. I like that mantra for the healing and the words to be read ~ Well done Rosemary and wishing you a good week ~ Thanks for joining in ~

  6. I love this. You and Selene have become such excellent friends. The mantra is such a wonderful way to get your day started and to continue down this path with your precious cat. Thank you so much for joining us on this one.

  7. An everyday activity, like having cereal, meditating on a mantra. I love stones myself. They can be rather eloquent!

  8. Thanks for sharing your morning. What is "ordinary" can be so intriguing to others.