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7 June 2015

The Priestess

From beyond the veil,
ruled by the Moon,
she speaks for the Dark Goddess.

As Oracle, she must
give seekers the truth —
but only when they ask.

What she tells them
perhaps they won't like,
won't believe, won't understand.

Not her concern!
Her one task is to speak truth,
as it is given to her.

A 55-word poem for 'flash 55' at 'imaginary garden with real toads'. I've been discussing the 'Priestess' Tarot card lately, so I didn't have to search for a subject.


  1. Sweet and unsweet! And only when asked.

  2. An intriguing subject indeed :D
    Lovely piece of work! :D

    Lots of love,

  3. What a delight to meet this lady here, one of the prettiest of this Tarot deck - and explained in 55 words, too! But I'd dispute the darkness- to me she speaks with moonlight...

    1. One's own interpretation is ultimately the one to follow! Truth to tell, someone I was discussing her with argued convincingly for the 'dark Goddess' aspect, which had not occurred to me previously. However, moonlight happens at night, and while it illuminates it can also distort, while it inspires it can also deceive ... but that's a whole other discussion. (Smile.)

  4. That is an awe-inspiring image of the priestess. I like the way you have explored her significance in this 55-er.

  5. People dont really want to hear the truth.
    Not often anyway. We are far too consumed with
    our own truths - and our self.

  6. Ha. People don't really like the truth - at least about themselves! (AT least I am speaking for myself.) Thanks, Rosemary. k.

  7. I know how Oracles do.. they speak in riddles, so uncomfortable truths are hidden.

  8. The "Not her concern!" - it's such a nice sharp point in the piece, worthy of the mythology behind it.

  9. truth seekers and speakers have always been feared... ~