I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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21 January 2013

Hide and Seek

Wildness comes into the garden
looking everywhere for me.
Feathers of light and dark
ray down through the trees
seeking me out.

But they are blind
and cannot find me
while I sit still and silent
here in the shady corner.
They have not the patience to wait.

I shall choose my time
to rise and move in the dance.
When I am ready
to embrace the wild,
I'll reach out easily and take it.

Submitted for Poets United's Poetry Pantry #133


  1. I love the sense of mystery you create. Nice job!

  2. It has a spiritual feel to it - like 'mother nature', perhaps.

  3. This is beautiful, Rosemary. A person cannot be found until they choose to be found, until they are ready, to again express that wildness.

  4. Amazing imagery, Rosemary. A bit predator and prey, yet more empowered, less victim. A being taking control of the situation. The flow is just right, paced to carry the reader into the secret corner of the garden.

  5. Oh I like! ' Wildness comes into the garden
    looking everywhere for me.'...I love how your opening sets the tone.

  6. Wonderful way of keeping the awe and suspense right through, Rosemary! One has a feel of wanting to know more of the mystery. Nicely!


  7. A great sense of peace amongst nature in this poem: you manage to capture both the tranquillity and restiveness of nature simultaneously, which is very hard I think.

  8. love the feel of this one - enjoyed it!

  9. Personifying "wildness" really worked...I imagined a prowling animal getting surprised by a trap in the end.

  10. Many thanks, all, for your comments. Glad you liked it. It kinda took me by surprise, welling straight up from the subconscious. Don't even ask me what it means! :)

  11. My read, especially after reading your next poem, is that you are valorizing death -- or the afterlife. Waiting for death -- but hopeful -- just not ready to play with the wild afterlife just yet.