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19 September 2011

My Game

‘It exercises my brain,’ I say, 
or, ‘It de-stresses me.’  Truth is,
my Grandma taught me long ago
and it suited me, then and now. 

‘Little Rosemary,’
a family friend used to say,
‘With her feet on the ground, 
and her head in the clouds.’

I like to withdraw
for dreaming or musing
or just being 
with myself, by myself.

I read, I write, I think —
those solitary occupations.
I go for walks alone,
and I’m a solitary witch.

You must have guessed by now
my game is Solitaire,
otherwise known as Patience.
In different ways, I need both.

Once it was cards,
now it’s computer screen.
It requires a small part of my brain;
the rest goes wandering.

Real or virtual, the cards 
are red and white and black:
the Goddess’s colours —
which makes me smile to myself.

I savour the satisfying click
as I shift them with my mouse,
while in my mind I shift
the gears of the Universe.

30 Poems in 30 Days: 16, Playing a game

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