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23 September 2015

To Be or Not to Be a Slob?

I woke early in my comfortable bed. 
'I'll have a slob day today,' I said. 
I thought, with no-one else to feed,
I'd bring my coffee and something to read
back to the cot, and snuggle in
as we used to do together, me and him
on rainy, overcast days like this
when we stayed all day to snooze and kiss
and talk and cuddle and read and eat –
usually joined by at least one cat.

I didn't, though. Perhaps I was hesitant
to try it alone? Yes of course reluctant –
but still, I thought, I could simply pretend
all that companionship didn't end.
I know the flavour of him so fully
and the cats' too. I could recreate, surely,
the warmth and comfort we used to share
when all of them were with me here!
Instead I dwelt on the sweet expectation
of how it could be: day-long anticipation.

I didn't get dressed, though I nearly did.
'Be sensible!' I admonished me. But then I decided  
at least to stay in my warm pj's,
at least to have that much of a laze.
And all day long it was such pleasure
to imagine myself reclining at leisure,
not missing my dears in sad grieving
but feeling them near as if they were living.
I cooked and I cleaned and I used my device
while my thoughts of my bed were increasingly nice.

But would I, but could I? First yes, then no,
chopping and changing, not going with the flow,
until at last it was 4pm.
If it would happen, this was high time!
So here I am, with iPad and biscuit,
lying back on high pillows, no more Ms Fixit
but Ms Relaxed. And yes, it feels good.
My darlings, I know, would be here if they could 
but as they are not, I summon them in thought.
Now for hot soup and a cosy night!

For Poets United's Midweek Motif: Choice


  1. Nice to engage in some rhyme sometimes
    nice to stay easy, to please
    the one you live with
    all the time.
    Nice to stay in, with the solace of home
    dreaming, undoing
    Not dreaming, waking.

  2. this is i should say a luxurious reclining...enjoying time to oneself..."My darlings, I know, would be here if they could / but as they are not, I summon them in thought." love this...

  3. I enjoyed this, Rosemary. It made me smile as well as reflect. I do think some days it is good to allow oneself to have the freedom to be a slob! I especially like the inner dialogue, arguments back and forth, within this poem. And the last stanza was poignant - thinking of 'darlings' who were not there, but were summoned in thought! I am glad you made the 'choice' to write this poem!

  4. Sometimes the choice to do nothing is the best one. But even in that you did much for yourself. Nice emotional hook there in the end. They are wonderful when we can share them with the one we love.

    I could Def use a lay around day.

  5. If your mind and body suggest a slob day do not disagree, you are already outnumbered for the majority rules.

  6. I think your weather up north was the same as south today....certainly was a day for chilling out....amazing that we should have both written about the same thing today:)

  7. You deserve this time! And you have put into words what oft me and mine--through feeling and by design--sink into or rise to. Now that we're retired, It's just fine. My favorite lines:
    "I know the flavour of him so fully
    and the cats' too. I could recreate, surely,
    the warmth and comfort we used to share . . . "

  8. I enjoyed this. Although there was much gone, you still managed to bring it off as light hearted. Do your imagined duties and then cozy up with memories.

  9. Oh, I love such lazy slobs.... and relaxing days, Rosemary! The last line is just so cool....love that mental outlook and perspective. Beautiful.

  10. how lightly you add the touch of loss to the seductive warmth - I know that feeling!

  11. I can see you, regal and luxurious as a queen, in your armchair.........and then the comfort of finally getting to that cozy bed......I love being in pj's too and stay in them late into the morning whenever possible, LOL. Lovely fleecy things. What I was thinking....? The cats and Andrew would highly approve of you having such a restful day. I can see him smiling, and hear the contented purrs.

  12. I enjoyed reading this, Rosemary. Your words are filled with bitter sweet moments and warm imagery. Sometimes we just need to rest with our thoughts :)

  13. Wow this is nice, and one of your lines resonates in my po today also
    Much love...

  14. Such a delightful read this is :D :D

  15. Oh this piece made me smile from the inside out--you take the sadness and make it somehow a bit sweeter--and step through it. Smiles to you!

  16. This warms my heart so deeply...I'm glad you gave it a go...I know they would be smiling!

  17. I love cozy, rainy days. Have always dreamed of staying in bed reading, eating, cuddling with my honey. There's nothing to stop me now. Why do I not chose to do this when I can? Glad you did it and know your loved ones were with you in spirit. Enjoyed reading this so much.

  18. A cosy and poignant read~ thanks, Rosemary!

  19. Aah - yes sometimes we have to reconfigure our worlds to accommodate change and sadly loss - i hope we find a new way to enjoy the things that really matter - warm PJ's, comfort and a hot brew..a wonderfully reflective poem...

  20. Oh to laze in bed with a loved one. The simple joys we miss.

  21. Love the assumption of having all darlings with you....but haven't they were from other side thinking of you, when you thought of them....maybe ~ feeling of cozy, enjoyable day. Thank you for sharing, Rosemary!

  22. Oh Rosemary, what a cozy, charming poem. I love it.

  23. We really have to make those self-indulgent choices sometimes to stay sane and relax, Rosemary. Really enjoyed reading this poem!