I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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2 September 2015

No Going Back

It is because he went away
that she is waiting in the rain.
If he comes back to her again,
what will she do, what will she say?

On that unbelievable day
she will speak to him of roses
and how the path that he chose is
petal-strewn but also thorny.

Will he return sad or horny?
Either way, somebody loses.

Robert Lee Brewer at Poetic Asides issued a form challenge, to write a decima. I am away from home, having adventures, and was not in time for the deadline, but I wanted to try one anyway. 

It fits, I think, with the latest Poets United Midweek Motif: Watershed Moments (which alter everything thereafter) -- except that it's fictional. But it's also speculative, in the non-genre meaning of the word, and I'm sure we've all had moments something like this.


  1. So true, Rosemary! A situation in which whatever happens changes a life from that time on! You have captured a 'watershed moment' well.

  2. Good one, Rosemary. It made me smile, the roses and chose is rhyme and especially the thorny and horny one. LOL. An interesting form which I havent heard of......I love the rhythm of it. Oh my, I just looked sideways and saw your intriguing chapbook title Life After Death........it looks wonderful! My kinda title!

    1. To tell the truth, I tried hard to find some other word than 'horny', not quite sure such a slangy word fitted the tone - but it was the only meaning I could find which led logically to the conclusion.

  3. you've captivated the watershed moment in style...love the rhythm :)

  4. Oh what an intriguing form this is Rosemary :D loved your take on the prompt!
    Hope you're enjoying your vacation :D

    Lots of love,

  5. Mistakes are made, forgiven perhaps but never forgotten. Often in a case like this both lose something.

  6. Waiting for the watershed day, she is already changed. Quite subtle and very true!

  7. Ha. Ok, you made me chuckle with returning horny.
    Before that line, I was thinking of the prodigals that leave
    and the ones left behind. I was a bit of a prodigal in my
    younger days, so I am thankful for those that are
    waiting and watching.

  8. someone loses - isnt that the way life goes?
    Enjoyable decima Rosemary. Hope you are having a delightful "jaunt."

  9. It is said, 'people die, and men leave,' so there you are.

  10. Well, that 'thorny, horny' rhyme had me smiling! Great work :)

  11. If he's like the men I know, he'll be both sad and horny. Good write Rosemary.

  12. Just horny with a veneer of sad :)

  13. hmm i'll give it a try

    Will he return sad and corny?


    much love...

  14. Thanks, everybody. I am reconciled to that rhyme now, since it caused so much enjoyment. :-)

  15. This made me smile Rosemary! And such a sense of the relationship here for me--lovely, lovely write!

  16. Watershed moment,yes! Fictional yes! But love the underlying humor, Rosemary,yes!


  17. haha - this made me laugh a bit..horny could be a good thing better than thorny...

  18. Wonderful write, Rosemary. Full of tension and mystery, but also humour and wryness. Loved it.