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21 September 2011

Resting Together

I love to watch them resting beside me:
my man and my little tortoiseshell cat.
She is very polite, waits until we embrace
and then settle into our sleeping positions
before she paces delicately up the bed
and lies down between us, purring.
Sometimes our hands collide
as we both reach out to stroke
her curving back, or scratch behind her ears
before we all fall into comfortable sleep.

Her brother, the black one, he’s the morning cat
coming boldly up the bed as soon as we wake.
She moves away and lets him take her place
for his turn at the petting and cooing. Then
they both start agitating for immediate breakfast
and one of us must rise to oblige, and the day begins.
Afternoons, they share the bed, now free of people,
sleeping curled together or echoing each other’s shapes.
Sometimes my lover joins them there for a nap.
I love to watch them peacefully resting together.

30 Poems in 30 days: 19, sleep + 26, an animal

Submitted for Poetry Pantry #69 at Poets United


  1. I love cats, so a poem with cats is winner for me. This is very lovely, I like how the cats play a sort of symbolic representation. Cats are known to be solitary creatures, their closeness is a matter of choice and their affection, when they chose to give it, is sincere. There's great comfort and homeliness in seeing cats peacefully sleeping, and especially so when there's two or when they are sleeping beside a human. Really nice. Love this poem.

  2. pets are cute, especially when they are asleep.

    fun imagery.

  3. Ravenblack, always nice to meet a fellow cat-lover. :)

    The Orange Tree — yes, like children, lol.