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12 September 2011

Anniversary Moon

The moon is above our tree
in a very dark sky.

On TV they are remembering
9/11, and the sun shining
in a very blue sky
that then turned night-dark.

It was morning here
when my friend Maureen
phoned and said, ‘Turn on the TV.
America’s been invaded!’

I yelled for Andrew to come
and banged on the door
of our guest Diane.

We huddled together on the sofa,
watching in silent shock
as the images played over and over
while lists of aeroplane passengers
ran along the bottom of the screen.

The day went weirdly slow
and I can’t remember
anything else we did.

Ten years later,
Andrew and I
watch on TV
the memorial ceremonies
and cry.

I get up and go outside
seeking the moon for comfort.
But the dark sky,
the black branches of the tree
and the small orb not quite full
fail to console.

Journalling my relationship with the moon: 15
30 Poems in 30 days: 11, memories of an historic event

Included in the book, THREE CYCLES OF THE MOON


  1. Beautifully expressed, Rosemary. I was right there with you, on the couch. And again, out under the moon which, this night, cannot console.

  2. Thanks, Sherry. I'm sure we're two among many.

  3. my experience was a students bringing the news to class that the arabs will be blamed. my immediate response was that the US had staged an excuse. I haven't veered from that view. I didn't watch the looping footage any more than I did OJ Simpson's media frenzy play out. I'm from another planet than most in that way.

  4. My view is not so different.If the US Govt.of the day didn't stage an excuse, it at least seized opportunistically on the one provided. For me,however, that doesn't invalidate the suffering of individuals or the heroism of the passengers who crashed the plane in Pennsylvania.