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14 September 2011

The Last Time

We don’t always know
the last time is the last.

The last time I made love to X
(any of the exes)

the last time I saw Karen
before she died

the last time I set up my stall
at Pottsville Market

the last time I swam
in that creek with the pelicans

the last time I left
the island where I was born.

And sometimes 
we do know.

After the divorce my first husband
walking away down the street

the awful knock on the door
to fetch me to my mother’s dying

tears all the way in the plane
going home from my last trip to Bali

the last time I saw
my stepmother’s evil smile

the deliberate savouring
of the very last cigarette.

30 Poems in 30 Days: 12, Doing something for the last time


  1. Very interesting concept to ponder. Would it make a difference had we known those last times were the last?

  2. Well, we might recall them in more detail later if we had attached that significance to them at the time. :-D

  3. "The last time I made love to X
    (any of the exes)" - Made me chuckle :)

  4. I like it when people laugh at my jokes. :-D

  5. This really resonated with me. I also just came back from the hospital with my mother (she's okay now, but still). I was thinking about my own mortality while there. I think hospitals do that to a person. But it also reminded me how fragile my mother is, and how much that frightens me. So I suppose this poem touches on that innate fear, as well as other moments... For me, right now, that is the case. Thanks.

  6. No sometimes we don't know...

  7. So true your words are Rosemary...this is an amazing poem....so glad i found you on Poets United! :-)

  8. Rosemary, my last poem written ( http://inthecornerofmyeye.blogspot.com/2011/09/waikiki-sunset.html ) coincidentally expresses some of the same sentiments. I am glad I keep my camera with me to preserve memories that might be my last. Your words here resonate with me.

  9. Thanks to you all for reading and commenting,

    Mary, I do see what you mean! Very much on same wavelength. And that's a beautiful post altogether.