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12 April 2011

Dear Boudica

(aka Boadicea)

Dear Boudica
I was young
when you became
my greatest hero —
not for being a warrior
but because you fought
for freedom
against invaders
who flogged you,
raped your daughters,
and stole your country.

Now adult, I know
something like that
happened around here too
not quite so long ago,
and is still happening
sometimes with violence
sometimes with trickery.

You won some battles,
not the war. They say
you died of poison.
All that too applies
in this land. You
would understand.
Here the fight goes on.

If I could go back
and meet you,
I would want to say
you are not forgotten,
you have inspired
in your own land
and other lands
for centuries
after your time.
Thank you.

Day 9 - Someone you wish you could meet

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