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4 April 2011

Oh, Lovely Johnny

(a letter to my crush)

When I first saw you
I was amazed
by your wild hair,
wistful eyes,
and long, long 
snapping fingers.
You were a misfit,
your gentle heart
not understood.

The next encounter
was ten years later.
You had become
a long-haired gypsy,
still outside the norm
but now more self-assured.
Your body language said
you were at ease
with sensual pleasure.

Only four years on
you were a writer,
already well-known.
With all that success,
you remained
a sensitive man,
more at home
with fairy-tales and dreams
than social games.

It wasn’t long before
you turned up drunk
repeatedly. On the wrong
side of the law too —
still the sexiest thing
I ever saw, beneath
that beard and bandanna.
And lately you’ve gone
frankly weird, but still….

Oh Johnny, you are
the handsomest man!
Lovely bloke,
beautiful actor;
I appreciate that.
But mainly I love your looks.
I’m shallow, I know,
but after all you're never
going to get this letter.

Cheat sheet
Subject: Johnny Depp.
verse 1 Edward Scissorhands
verse 2 Chocolat
verse 3 Finding Neverland
verse 4 Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland

(Day 2 - Your Crush)

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