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17 April 2011

Dear Telstra

I wish you could forgive me
if I were to end now
our brief relationship.

Sometimes one just knows
a thing isn’t working
and never will.

It’s clear that we have
a communication problem —
at least one.

Your beautiful upright modem
lacks potency and staying power.
How much interruptus can I take?

When it’s this much struggle,
why not give up already
and both cut our losses?

But that’s not the way
you operate.  It’s an expensive
alimony you demand.

Hundreds of dollars yet
to break our contract. I’ll have to
stick it out the rest of the year.

I hunger for a love affair
with the National Broadband Network —
which is still too far away.

Meanwhile I’d be happy enough
to hook up with Dodo while I wait
for the someday when my NBN will come.

Telstra, won’t you please forgive me
all severance payments
and let me go?

Day 13 - Someone you wish could forgive you

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