I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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20 May 2017

Dandelion, dandelion – tan renga

dandelion dandelion
on the sandy beach
spring opens its eyes                    © Ogiwara Seisensui

a new morning 
blooms shiny gold                        © Rosemary Nissen-Wade


awakening to sunshine
and sparkling ocean                      © Rosemary Nissen-Wade

Written for Carpe Diem's Tan Renga Challenge 2017 #12

(I found this one really difficult to extend – probably because I regard the original haiku as complete and perfect in itself.)


  1. Wonderful completion for the Tan Renga, Rosemary!


  2. I like them both :) Yes, the original is complete in itself!

  3. You are so good at this. After reading your tan-renga, I feel like the original poem could have never feel complete without your contribution. It's wonderful!

  4. You did admirably

  5. Thanks, friends, for the reassurances. (Smile.)

    1. (And, you should see the wonderful, beautiful things some others are writing!)

  6. Nice set of completions. Your first however is in my opinion the best continuation, because of the twist in it.


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