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16 November 2016

This Garden I Keep Mentioning

I often write poems about being in my garden,
frequently accompanied by my cat.
It is a small garden, vines on the fences,
the neighbours’ trees filling my sky.

Frequently, accompanied by my cat,
I sit out under the extended roof
to write in my journal or make new poems.

It is a small garden. Vines on the fences
have spread a long way in my seven years here.
There are two, entwined, flowering in different seasons.

The neighbours’ trees filling my sky
are abundantly leafy all year, stretching wide and high.
Now it is Spring; there are flashes of bright lorikeets.

Photo: Rainbow lorikeet. Free download found via Google.

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  1. The setting is most conducive to stimulate and enhance a creative mind!


  2. I can almost feel like the garden steers your hand in writing this... the best of inspiration.

  3. I love how your kitty pops up in all your poems. :)

  4. It sounds like you have a garden where creativity flowers and blooms in the good company of cat and lorikeets! <3

  5. It would be lovely, under that roof, watching the lorikeets! I do love a roofed spot outdoors.

  6. Sounds like a perfectly lovely, leafy hide-a-way :)

  7. How delightful to see them ~ How I would love to be in the spring season right now ~

  8. The repeating lines work perfectly with the concept of leafy twisting vines. Nicely done.

  9. I particularly like your repetitions especially the vines - spreading in their various ways each time. Ends on a very bright note indeed!

  10. Keep writing about your garden, Rosemary - I do and will - with cats! Your garden sounds just the right place to write, with your vines and the neighbours' trees and, especially, the cat!

  11. Beautiful. Love how the last 3 stanzas expand on the first.