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15 November 2016

My Birth Day

I’ve always loved my birthday being the 12th of November – that number, that name, beautiful in my ears. When, in my romantic teens, sweet Johnny Mathis sang The Twelfth of Never, I secretly claimed it as mine, with the private meaning that I would live forever. (Never mind the logic – I was creating my own.) In Australia, November is late Spring, warming up to expansive Summer but still leavened by breezes and cooler evenings. This year – just a few days ago – I spent my 77th birthday with a congenial friend, cruising on a boat on a tree-lined river, the weather just warm enough. Then we nourished ourselves with a concert culminating in stirring flamenco, a sunset light show projected on the water, and a colourful lantern parade after dark. In late afternoon a wild thunderstorm exploded right overhead – but we were indoors enjoying Devonshire tea just then, and it hit and ran. It only added excitement.

Spring rain
gushes down windows
we can't see through

Linked to dVerse Haibun Monday #25: You say it's your birthday?


  1. LOVE! How young in spirit, how strong in words! Happy Birthday.

  2. The 12th of Nov was my Father's birthday. And mine is in November, too. The best birthday's are. Happy Birthday to you and to me!

  3. And my birthday is tomorrow, 11/16. I'm glad you had such a stirring birthday. Mine will be very subdued as I am currently looking after my 86 year old mother, but sometimes, our birthdays need to be subdued.

  4. Sounds like a delightful celebration...happy 77th, Rosemary!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day. I love the haiku especially.

  6. sMiLes
    my friEnd..
    i suppose i was
    born on a special
    day of 6660.. feaRed
    in the deep red state
    land of LA lower alabama
    Florida.. Panhandle way
    in a state the shape of
    a killing gun.. then buying a beer
    and the cashier looking up with
    literal fear over
    three numbers..
    golden spirals
    of God
    into beast..
    oh.. what a world
    we live in when
    evil as God..
    hmm.. anyway..
    i love my birthday
    and i love God as Nature
    sAMe.. ain't no one fooling
    as i
    a Moon
    liGht with
    Sun WilD and FReED..
    and yes..
    i am
    no shame
    hairy naked
    and stronger
    than ever 'fore from head
    to toe..
    i roar
    Books oF lies..
    Lord oF the Flies i cry..:)

  7. I feel the same way about my birthday numbers, the sound and look of it on the calendar. My mother always made sure it was special. How wonderful it pairs with
    your Johnny Mathis song and how exciting your birthday was! (I used to the song
    "I'll take you home again Kathleen" was written for me.)

  8. Yes, even though November is my least favorite month in this part of the world, what a wonderful thing it would be if it was like May... Happy Birthday in arrears

  9. That song is yours. I just know it. Spring babies can have anything they want. ;-)

    1. Smile! And I was 'born on the Sabbath Day, too, so according to the rhyme am very blessed.

  10. One day after my brother
    Lovely prose
    Happy belated Birthday

  11. Belated happy birthday ~ Sounds like a blast of a celebration with the thunderstorm too ~ Cheers ~

  12. Happy birthday and thanks for the visit. A river cruise sounds wonderful.

  13. A delightful way to spend your birthday! That light-show sounds intriguing!

  14. Fun haibun - happy birth... week!
    I really like how you say you nourished yourselves with the concert.
    Great way of looking at it.

  15. Gayle Walters Rose17 November 2016 at 15:52

    That quick moving storm added a little drama to the festivities. Sounds like a most wonderful celebration!

  16. Lovely, and what a splendid way to mark a birthday. (And a very happy birthday to you, Rosemary!)

  17. I believe one day a year can be ours to dance,laugh, have great expectations, celebrate who we are and even claim a song or two. Good for you!!