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8 November 2016

A Quaint Quibble

Queer querents queued,
queasily questing,
quashing their qualms.

Quite quickly
quaffing quince quinine,
the Queen quoth, 'Quiet!' 

'How Quixotic,' 
the Quartermaster
quizzingly quipped.

'I question your quenching,'
he quacked quarrelsomely.
The Quality quaked and quivered.

'I quit,' he quavered,
'quarantining this quintessentially 
quotidian quagmire!'

For Quadrille #20 at dVerse we are asked to write it around 'cue' – or 'Q'.


  1. Ha - I so enjoyed all the Q's. You made it look much easier than I think it actually was. In scrabble you would rack up a lot of points :)

    1. I did resort to consulting the dictionary in the end. (Grin.)

  2. Ouch so many great words you have used... really impressive

  3. Wow, what a Q response. Got lost in all the alliteration!


  4. Ha ha ha! I can't believe you managed this! Super creative. Well done.

  5. Yessssssssss! You have made my day, Rosemary. Quintessentially DELIGHTED by this quorum of Qs! <3

  6. You know I love this! Well done and clever

  7. Gayle Walters Rose9 November 2016 at 13:02

    Ha, you were on a Q roll with this one, Rosemary...really fun!

  8. My goodness this is exquisite!! ❤️

  9. Enjoyed that and so appropriate that it was done as a Quadrille!