I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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17 May 2016

Stranger in the Internet Café: Portrait

In green youth's
unconscious grace,
she leans into her screen:
a slight girl, sitting alone,
fluttering fingers
deft on the track pad.

Tendrils of hair 
drape one shoulder,
skimming her breast.
The nearer shoulder's bare,
her lacy top slipping.
Pursed lips are flower soft.

Written for dVerse's Quadrille – 9: Green


  1. Somehow I would like to tell her to beware... that internet is never safe... on the other hand she might have another persona... got me thinking.

  2. I like the capture of the green youth & unconscious grace ~ She doesn't value it yet, but she will when she is older ~ Thanks for playing along ~

  3. Brilliant observational skills (even if it's fictitious!).

  4. Ah, I hope that the one looking at her is a harmless admirer. You nicely captured a moment with this poem.


    1. 'Twas I – so harmless that, although I longed to take a photo of this natural beauty who was so oblivious of it, I didn't even ask. I tried to paint her in words instead.

  5. "a slight girl, sitting alone,
    fluttering fingers
    deft on the track pad" -- Oh, I can see her. Love this. I am with Bjorn. I instantly feel protective of her. Perhaps because I have a young teen daughter...

  6. SMiLes.. looKing morE
    here at the soUl
    of 'hEr' pictUre
    tHere iS so
    much more to
    liFe than keys..
    screens in HaBiT
    and visuaLizinG.. yeS..
    And eVen iMaGinaTion..
    tHere IS A FruiTioN
    oF tHe MaGiC oF
    words and aLL
    other abstract
    hUman Concepts/
    symbolS noW..oN
    and other foRmS
    put into noW iN
    actioN.. yES onLinE
    iS oKay.. and greAT
    foR iMaGinAtiOn..
    bUt oNe muSt
    fiNd a Way
    To daNce
    liFe foR trUly
    MoVinG.. ConnecTarinG
    aNd creaTing liFe wHOle
    aS UniVerse oF

  7. She does seem vulnerable. I like the way you brought her to us!

    1. Safe enough at that moment, I think, with only me at my own screen, the café staff and an old man reading a newspaper. But yes, potentially vulnerable.

  8. A nice place to take the prompt...to the green of youth. You painted a very vivid picture of this young lady.

    1. Thanks, Mish. That's just what I wanted to do.

  9. Innocence of youth, alone! That is vulnerable as cautioned by many. She should learn to be careful.


    1. Well, I don't know that she wasn't careful. This is a small town, and all she was doing was using her laptop in a public place. She wasn't being provocative. It's a bit alarming that all you city folks reacted with such fear for her. Do predators truly so abound elsewhere?

  10. She looks so comfortable as her fingers craft worlds, or interacts with others living in them. I like her relaxed posture, her humanity, her I'm-just-a-girl-being-a-girl look.

    1. Thank you. She was completely unselfconscious.

  11. So real that I'm pretty sure you were really there. Love it!