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26 April 2016


Through my mother, 
I come from a Scottish isle –
a fey place of warriors and poets.

Through her I come, too,
from a sea coast in India –
town of temples and sacred trees.

Through my father, I come 
from temperate Australian farmlands
and a tiny island in stormy Bass Strait.

Through him, I come from
thinkers and rebels, dancers and lovers; 
and from sober preachers.

Through my own birthplace, I come
from mountains and rivers,
tall trees, surrounding ocean.

Because I can feel and hear and see,
I come as well from an old people
who walk here still, who made me welcome.

Soon is the Feast of Samhain
here in this Southern Land.
To all my ancestors: Hail!

At 'imaginary garden with real toads' we are invited to answer the question, Where Do I Come From?

Photo of tartan and badge: Heirlooms from my mother. 
© Rosemary Nissen-Wade 2016

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  1. What amazing people and places make up your heritage. I marvel at your spiritual gifts. Thank you so much for writing for the prompt!!

  2. I love the feeling you brought in that last stanza... how an ancestral land continue to live in traditions far away... wonderful share.

  3. A wonderful sense of connection and great connectors! Thanks. NJ.

  4. No wonder you're an incredible person :D such a wonderful and rich heritage..!
    Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  5. OOO help... I too have a Scottish connection on my mother's side...Campbells of Breadalbane. My father's side hearkened back to Germany and Alsace Lorraine. 'thinkers and rebels, dancers and lovers;
    and from sober preachers.'
    - just the same as my father's side.
    We certainly seem to have a few similarities.

  6. Loved the heritage review, Rosemary. My maternal grandfather's family came from the Isle of Man. My paternal grandmother's family was kin to Moses Fletcher of the Mayflower and followed him months later. My maternal grandmother's mother was from the German Kaiser family, disowned as she married 'out of favor'. Father's line were German farmers, came in the late 1880's.
    You could make a lovely poem from this mishmash I'm sure, but not for my writing abilities.
    Have been to Tasmania, early 2013. Also participated with an indigenous celebration in NZ.

    1. Link to the Aussie/NZ forray:

  7. And one more - many clairvoyants and clairsentients on my mother's side.

    1. That comes through my mother's side too. :-)

  8. Wonderful sharing your heritage with us Rosemary and I'm happy you dropped by to read mine

    Much love...

  9. Ancestry runs deep and I like when it's veins spill over in poems.

  10. What a wonderful heritage. I loved reading this!

  11. You've worked utter magic of this challenge, Rosemary...I found your approach to be enthralling. I love this:

    "town of temples and sacred trees"

    such a beautiful description among many. :)