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21 April 2012

Let's Cuddle

‘Let’s cuddle,’ I say to our cat
or she says to me
or both to each other.
(We are using body language.)

Anyway, we snuggle.
She settles against me
in her usual spot on the bed, 
squeezed in between us  —
only you are not there
on the other side tonight.
She purrs hard and long
as if you were.

But we’re both restless.
We shift many times in the night,
as if that could make a difference.
We open our eyes briefly
to stare at each other
almost accusingly,
avoiding the huge absence
over your side of the bed.

In the end there is only one way.
‘Let’s cuddle,’ we say to each other,
snuggling as close as we can
and the night slowly passes.

April PAD Challenge #20: Let’s ...

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