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14 April 2009

So We Decided To Stay in Bed (April Challenge 12)

Prompt: "So we decided to ..." as title.

Today there was nothing we had to do
that couldn’t wait. The calendar was blank,
not one appointment we had to keep.

We woke the first time at quarter to six,
the next at nine fifteen. All those cosy hours
the cats didn’t stir to demand breakfast.

Finally Andrew crept out and fed us all
the quick and easy way. Open a tin for them,
just toast for us and my obligatory coffee.

We ate in bed and settled with our books.
The cats rejoined us. The day outside was grey
with drizzling rain that later turned heavy.

Around two we thought about lunch
and I made an omelette. The cats woke up
looking hopeful, so we gave them a bit.

An hour or so later, not the same instant,
we both finished our books. We kissed each other
and snuggled down alongside the purring cats.

I finally rose and checked the email,
showered and dressed. I took the car to the shops
before they closed; it was still raining.

I bought tinned soup and baked beans
for a no-hassle dinner. We watched some TV
and ate chocolates; now it’s time for bed.


  1. what an idyllic dream day. not even a cat butt deciding to sit on forehead.

  2. Oh Pearl, it was a good day, but I'm not very happy with the poem - so prosey. Maybe will do a total rewrite later when I get time ... or write something else to the topic.