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9 April 2009

It's Always the Same (April Challenge 8)

Prompt: routine.

It’s always the same
and it’s never the same.

At the right time
in the right place

I make the same gestures,
say the same words.

Tonight again
I shall greet the Full Moon

draw down that energy
into my body

use it with intent
for a chosen purpose.

Tonight again
I’ll embrace the Mother

with ritual
with dance

and afterwards kisses
and gratitude.

The details, though,
will differ.

Tonight my purpose
is healing.

Tonight the Moon
is hidden by clouds.

Tonight I’ll be alone
except for the spirits

and at least one
of my cats.

There may be a frog
or a night bird.

There will come a response
which I cannot predict

but the prayers
will not go unanswered.

There is always a pattern.
It’s never routine.

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