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21 April 2009

She is Not of Course Angry (April Challenge 19)

Prompt: write about someone being angry.

She is not of course angry,
she does no harm, she is thinking
always of the good of the whole.

That is why she has honed in
on the person whose very presence
blocks her way to the top.

If she can expose that person’s
serious flaws, or even create
if need be, that perception in others

then sooner or later, discredited,
the person could be removed
for the higher good.

She herself would run the place
impeccably, making sure of the detail,
giving no-one excess autonomy.

It’s easy for her to smile and make light.
She bears no malice, truly. She is one of
the most evolved beings that she knows.

That is why she understands so well
when someone needs to be stopped,
like that Person who is so admired

that Person who laughs while working,
that Person who gives the staff
such an unwise level of freedom.

Why is it so difficult?
Why does every stratagem fail?
Why is that wretched Person still valued?

Of course she is not angry.
It’s merely tension that has her make fists
or sees her hand slice through air like a knife.

She does not do harm, she is plotting
always for the good of the whole,
which must be to utterly expunge That Person.

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