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6 April 2008

It's a Bit of a Worry

April Poem-A-Day Challenge, prompt 5: a worry poem.

He's quite a lad,
one of a kind
I'm telling you.
Know what I mean?

You wouldn't read about it –
no, really –
he was all over her like a rash.
She wasn't impressed,
gave him the old heave-ho
quick-smart, that's for sure.

And he was that ropable,
fair dinkum he just went spare,
there was no holding him.
The demon drink,
it'll do that to you.

Well, we calmed him down
after a bit,
just in the nick of time
before he made a right mess
of all and sundry.

All's well that ends well,
that's what I say,
but when all's said and done
it was a near thing there.

He was like a wild thing,
all over the place,
a ship without a rudder
until we brought him to heel.

It was a very long day
as it turned out,
I'm sure you'll agree,
and all in all, you know,
at the end of the day
he's a bit of a worry.

© Rosemary Nissen-Wade 2008


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