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21 April 2008

The Accident (April Challenge 19)

For today's prompt you need to write a poem about a moment (or moments) you can't remember yourself that are about yourself. I think everyone has these stories about when you were a child, or when you were drunk, or when you were talking in your sleep, or when you were in a coma (hopefully not too many fall into this category actually).

I think I remember it
while knowing I could not.
At least …
Or could I …
What if …

It's an old joke,
dropped on her head
as a baby.
Explains a lot!
'Her' being me of course.

My mother carrying me
up the stony path
to visit friends,
hurrying a little.
She used to live there.

Her skirt fluttered
round stockinged legs,
the path was steep and narrow –
views I never had,
held in her arms.

I feel as if
I felt the thump,
see myself looking up
at her face white and wide-eyed
filling the sky.

I hear her soft cry.
She is helpless
and I'm on the ground.
My head hurts
and my back.

© Rosemary Nissen-Wade 2008


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