I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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4 April 2008

Lois Lane

April Poem-A-Day Challenge #2: Put yourself in someone (or something) else's skin and write a poem about the experience. 

Both have good points,
my two boyfriends – as I call them
to myself, though neither's really that.

One who wants me, one
I want. A new slant on the eternal
triangle … as I go round and round in circles.

The 'mild-mannered reporter'
he calls himself. There's a by-line!
For most it would be contradiction-in-terms.

A sweet fellow, and no mistake.
At least he'd always understand my job,
being in the same line of work – my own calling.

As for the other one, he has
his own life of excitement. It leaves
too little room for me. Hell, he'd never be home.

I don't want a man who needs
me to be his mother, one who clings
so tightly that he bruises and breaks my wings.

I don't want a man whom I need
more than I want to; one who keeps me
in my place, applauding from the edge of his life.

They are like two halves of one whole –
shadow-twins. If only I could put them together,
combine their opposite extremes into my perfect man!

Also submitted, 4 Dec. 2011, to dVerse Poetics — going Comic challenge.


  1. And this is why I write menage. Loved your poem.

  2. ha nice take on lois...you know i gotta seriously wonder how she never saw through that you know...smiles...and i wonder how many would not mind putting two together...smiles..

  3. smiles...yes would be great if we could put them together..but maybe the perfect man wouldn't be the perfect man... often it's the imperfection that makes them so perfect ... smiles...

  4. Thanks, all. It was quite tongue-in-cheek of course.

    @Brian, I am sure we all seriously wonder how she could be so easily fooled by a mild manner and a pair of spectacles; must have been a very convincing persona!

    @Nara and Claudia — well yes, but the irony is that these two are really one whole.

  5. A perfect ideal man...a creative take on this love triangle. I think we women like both the feeling of being safe and excitement on the life's edge.

    Let me know if you find him ~

  6. Hahaha - I did mine on Lois too! I like what you've done here, what fun!

  7. Ha, Rosemarie. No one is perfect, I guess. I did enjoy your write and the fantasy of finding the perfect 'other half.'

  8. Lois has always been an interesting figure, I think; predictable, like a lot of women characters created by men--but sometimes she will surprise you, too. I like you personifying her in your poem and giving her a voice, in which she says just what I would say if I were her.

  9. This evokes many emotions in me, mostly that longing and wishing. A really beautiful perfect poem.

  10. yeah, too bad you can't pick and choose and create the perfect mate, but then the world might be boring :-) Love the voice you gave Lois.

  11. Thank you oceangirl and Caty for being so highly complimentary!