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5 March 2008

Poems for "Dawn"

I came across a poem in my drafts, written just over a year ago, filed for polishing later, and forgotten. I decided it's fine as it is. I remembered it was inspired by some of the beautiful writings of my friend Dawn – one of my first friends on MySpace and one who will always be in my "top". I hadn't looked at her blog for a while, so I went back and had a look this evening. Her latest post is a pure masterpiece. And the one just before that inspired me again. No-one else writes like Dawn. Few have her clarity! As for me, I am glad to have received, through her good graces, these poems of my own.

The Joy with which You Write of Trees
for Dawn

The joy with which you write of trees,
reminding me of shade and breeze,
of leaves and fruit and oxygen,
their branches and our skeleton —

your words are dancing in the light
as leaves might do; your words are bright
as rippling leaves caught by the sun,
glinting against the background green,

and I at my desk look up to see
right through the walls surrounding me:
to air and birds, to soil and bees …
because you write your love of trees.

© Rosemary Nissen-Wade 2007


Listen to the River

Listen to the river,
it whispers loudly
this evening as dusk
comes down, black clouds
sitting low on the trees.
It gulps and laps the shore
as the wind springs into gusts
and over the opposite bank
unseen, but far from unheard
the ocean pounds and wallows.

© Rosemary Nissen-Wade 2008


Shared eight years later, linking to Poets United's Poetry Pantry #302. 
Sadly, when MySpace went through radical changes, I lost all contact with Dawn. 

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