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17 April 2011

Wicked Stepmother

I don’t hate you any more
and the pain you caused is past.

There are those who say that you 
were one of my greatest teachers.

It may be so. I learned
that hate poisons the hater

so then I had to work hard 
to make myself stop.

But I can’t like you.
There are no names bad enough

for the way your tortured
my Dad and my little brother.

Me too — but it’s for our loved ones 
we hurt the most.

That’s it, really. Nothing more 
to say, and I want to expunge you

from my thoughts.
You’re dead. Stay that way!

Day 12 - The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain

Submitted for Poets United's Verse First: Poetry Heals


  1. "but it’s for our loved ones
    we hurt the most." so true growing up I never wished for siblings it would have been too cruel to bring someone innocent into the life I was living. This is raw, like a punch in the stomach almost the emotions are very strong. Great job

  2. Yes, hating poisons the hater most of all. It is good to learn that or one can indeed have a bitter life.

  3. The hurt still feels so raw and almost tangible in your words!

  4. Intense and feeling the pain, almost burns with passion.

  5. So direct and honest and real. This must have been healing, to write it out and be done. A great share for the prompt, Rosemary!

    I am SO late to my own prompt! Here's my piece:

  6. Intense and feeling the pain. Burns with passion.

  7. Hate is so destructive to the one feeling it and we've all been there. What a freeing experience to finally let it go. Wonderful poem.

  8. You're dead - stay that way!

    There are some things we can let go of and some we can't
    great emotion

  9. Yes, it was certainly written with great feeling! And was cathartic.

  10. final and complete, hope you found your peace.


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