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15 April 2011

I Wish That I Could Speak With You More Often

To my firstborn

When I left the city
left the cold
I also left you.

We thought we’d often return 
to visit you and others
and at first we did

but we got older
and poorer;
it happened less and less.

Still there was phone
and email. I remember
those impassioned conversations.

Gradually, on both sides,
they dwindled.
I’m glad at least of facebook.

Our life here
has been long and delightful.
You are my only regret.

When you were growing up
we had some good talks,
you and I,

quiet talks together
usually at night
while your father and brother slept.

Even then, 
I thought you had wisdom.
Even now, I enjoy your wit.

Day 10 - Someone you don't talk to as much as you'd like to

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