I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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20 April 2011

In Another Country

Hello, you. Nice photo.
You look good in your black hat.
I wasn’t mad on the dreads.
Now you look distinguished!
It’s that touch of grey in your beard
and edging your temples.
And of course the hat.

I wonder if we'll ever again
see each other in the flesh.
Oops! Let’s not put it like that;
in person, I mean. That other
might best be forgotten, right?
(Except I don’t forget.)

It’s good to see the pictures
of you with the right woman
and a new child. I never was
the right woman in that way,
nor indeed you the right man.

I like to read of your adventures
with chooks and gardening,
learning to build earth domes,
and fathering a young daughter.

I like to get the invitations
I’m too far away to accept,
for candlelit vigils, drumming circles,
courses in dragon magick
and workshops with crystal skulls.

You call me Teacher. I only
encouraged you on a path
you were always walking,
even when you thought
you’d strayed off course.
The angels never left you.

I like loving you quietly now
as friend / confidante / sister. I love
that your wife and my husband
feel no threat. (Nor should they.)
And just occasionally I like to say,
‘You look good!’ and be told,
‘You look good too, dearie.’

Day 16 - Someone that's not in your state/country


  1. Well expressed poem of ex's and how they ideally should get along. Some people are better as friends than spouses indeed.

  2. Hello.
    Visiting from The Poetry Pantry.

    It's sad when your partner becomes your ex. Sometimes, there's just too much bitterness under the bridge to even contemplate friendship. Other times, you actually end up being better friends than when you were together as a couple.

    I like how you expressed this.
    Very nicely done!

    Undress Me With Your Sultry Eyes

  3. Thanks to you both for reading and commenting.

    This ex was not a spouse, but a one-time lover. However, I guess the thing of turning a romantic relationship into a friendship applies either way. I've seldom managed it! But this is an extraordinary man.

  4. one time lover?

    sweet words, you are thoughtful even after you two are parted.
    bless you.

  5. The very brief affair was a bit of a fiasco! But we liked each other as people, and afterwards we kept in touch by email and built a strong friendship instead.